How To : Spy on others by conducting mobile surveillance

You can use surveillance skills to pursue a career as an investigator or to spy on whoever you like. You will need to have a mobile means of making observation and this might include things like pen and paper, camcorder or camera. Learn how to be a Private Investigator. Learn ...more

How To : Conduct a covert mobile surveillance

When conducting mobile convert surveillance, you will be following someone and it is important to dress appropriately for the environment and carry your surveillance equipment in a bag that will fit into the scene. This is part two of four in this free training video wherein ...more

How To : Conduct a covert surveillance with video

When conducting covert mobile surveillance with video it is vital to have a good bag that will contain and allow you to get footage in an inconspicuous manner. Always take into consideration the lighting and distance you’ll be at. In part one of this four part free training v ...more

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