Mod Makeup

How To : Apply a retro 60s Twiggy mod makeup look

You don't need a special occasion like Halloween to revel in the retro glamour of Twiggy's coveted iconic look. This how-to video from makeup artist, Greg Arlt from MAC, shows how to master this mod look look. Watch this video makeup lesson and learn how to create this 60s Twi ...more

How To : Create a mod and retro '60s makeup look

The sixties were an era of letting go of the cookie cutter past (gender stereotypes especially) and paving the way for newfound freedom in ideas about politics, beauty, religion, and really everything. This was the age of Twiggy and other supermodels who flouted the conventio ...more

How To : Create a heroin chic makeup look

Logan demonstrates how to make a 'heroin chic' look using makeup applied with 192 and 290 brushes. He begins with highlighting powder. Shading is created by using processed powder. Eye definition is added with the 219 pencil brush to apply brown down eyeshadow. Next, blend dow ...more

How To : Emphasize your lower lashes with false eyelashes

We've all heard about applying false eyelashes to our upper lids to open up our eyes, make them look brighter, and create va va voom drama. But have you ever thought about applying false lashes to your lower lashes? Doing so may seem intimidating and extreme, but if done righ ...more

How To : Put On False Eyelashes

False eyelashes really can elevate your look. Don't be intimidated, they are easier to apply than you think. Follow these four simple steps for this fabulous look. Eye Makeup False lashes should be the last step in your beauty routine. Apply all of your eye makeup first, incl ...more

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