Monroe Makeup

How To : Apply glamorous old Hollywood makeup and eyeliner

It's hard to picture Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner without their cherry red lips and thick black liner. Thanks to these timelessly glamorous stars, the retro pin up makeup look has been prized by women for decades. With bold colors and minimal applic ...more

How To : Create a glamorous pin up holiday makeup look

When it comes to dressing up your face for the holidays, your LBD of makeup looks is without a doubt the classic neutral eye and red lip combo. Beautiful since the days of Marilyn Monroe, this look is timelessly feminine and sultry. So be the bell of the ball at your next hol ...more

How To : Create a sexy, buxom burlesque makeup look

Burlesque makeup is very similar to the pin up makeup you're used to seeing on such iconic actresses as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner. Only burlesque, being a genre of theater based on exaggeration and outrageousness, is a bit more tongue in cheek and perky. If you're loving ...more

How To : Create a cheeky vintage pin up girl makeup look

The cheeky pin up girl makeup look will probably never go out of style, with it's sexy cherry hued pout, neutral but liquid lined eyes, and blushing cheeks. After all, the most notable pin ups like Bettie Paige and Marilyn Monroe are considered some of the most beautiful women ...more

How To : Apply classic old Hollywood makeup

Looking to emulate the make-up of classic Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Get adventurous and have some fun with this makeup tutorial hosted by makeup artist, TiffanyD! TiffanyD is a mass maker in wonderful make-up how to videos! Be sure to check out he ...more

How To : Apply blush in the right place and with precision

Unfortunately when it comes to makeup, what works for one girl may not work for another. That's because each of our faces is special, some rounder, sime longer, some squarish. And that means our cheekbones and the apples of our cheeks are situated slightly differently. If you ...more

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