How To : Make a monument saddle arrangement

Jane from shows you how to make a floral arrangement using a monument flower saddle with this tutorial. A flower saddle is a device that seats flower foam with a flower arrangement. Watch this how to video and you will learn how to use a monument flower saddle for ...more

A Beautiful Death : 1,000 Melting Icemen

First, I have to apologize—this is really old news. But when it comes to Nele Azevedo's Minimum Monument project, it's well worth digging into the archives. It's one of the most amazing street art installations I've ever seen. The image above shows an installation displayed b ...more

How To : Fold an adorable simple origami parrot

When you think of origami, you probably imagine very abstract, geometric interpretations of real-life animals and plant life, and sometimes even people and architectural monuments. But origami need not be abstract, nor does it need to be angular. Check out this origami foldin ...more

How To : Fold a rounded, realistic origami mushroom

When you think of origami, you probably imagine very abstract, geometric interpretations of real-life animals and plant life, and sometimes even people and architectural monuments. But origami need not be abstract, nor does it need to be angular. Check out this origami video ...more

Ranked : The 9 Best Paid Puzzle Games for iPhone & Android

Puzzle games are great at giving your brain a workout while keeping things fun and killing time. They stimulate your noggin as you strategize and plan your next move, whether it's to keep your character from getting killed, or to get that special item to finally complete your ...more

News : Gym? WTF Is a Pokémon GO Gym?

Collecting Pokémon in Pokémon GO is only half the fun. Once you've reached Level 5, it's time to get your Pokémon ready to do battle with other Pokémon. This is where Gyms come in. Don't Miss: Use This Map to Find PokéStop Locations in Pokémon GO Much like PokéStops, you'll ...more

How To : Build a stackable block post

In this how to video, you will learn how to build a post. Court yard posts create beautiful accents to your yards. They can be used as entry monuments and fence posts. When using corner blocks, make sure the long sides are at the outside of the post. First, place these corner ...more

How To : Use a metal detector to uncover hidden bounty

Treasure may be buried as close as your own backyard. If you have some time to kill, try the art of treasure hunting. You’ll be sure to discover lots of interesting thing after learning how to use a metal detector to look for treasure. Think buried treasure is only for pirate ...more

News : Gino Cavicchioli Sculptor

Gino was born in Australia, but spent his formative years in Rome. As a child he was fascinated by the architecture, sculptures, fountains and the works of the masters that surrounded him. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was indelibly etched into his own creative ex ...more

News : 100+ Apps iOS Users Need on Their iPhones in 2018

While there aren't as many ways to customize your iPhone like there is on Android, there are still a lot of apps out there that can help streamline and enhance your experience beyond Apple's own default options — and we've hand-picked over 100 essentials. No matter if you've ...more

WTFoto News Scoop Sundays : Puttin' It to Putin!

For those of you behind on their international politics, Vladimir Putin has once again been elected as President of Russia. And right now, there are over 20,000 protesters in Moscow yelling about election fraud. Now, whether or not you think they're right, or whether or not yo ...more

How To : Fold an intermediate level origami Eiffel tower

Whether you've been to the Eifel Tower or not, you know that the French monument is a spectacular sight that's been featured in books, movies, and of course tourist postcards. Make a miniature version of the architectural icon by checking out this video. You'll learn how to f ...more

WTForeign Fridays : 9 Crazy Festivals from Around the Globe

In many ways, we center a large portion of our lives around festivals. They provide us days off from work, allow us time to be content with our families and loved ones, and a give us a chance to eat as much as we want without Aunt Carol saying something about our necks (it's t ...more

News : French Imbécile Rollerblades Down Eiffel Tower

Daring or just plain stupid? French X-game medalist Taig Khris sets a new world record, jumping from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. The rollerblader dove from a height of 131ft onto a massive quarter pipe ramp. There is some controversy over his newly earned title, howe ...more

How To : Fold an origami Tower of Pisa from Euros

The Tower of Pisa is famous for leaning slightly off to the side as if it's about to fall, a result of its unstable, sinking ground. Remake the famous Italian architectural monument in paper - slight tilt and all - by checking out this money origami video.

Apple AR : There's Really No Point to Playing StackAR in AR

When explaining augmented reality to the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is often cited as an example. For all its popularity, though, many players would recommend disabling the AR capabilities in catching Pokémon. In the end, for that part of the game, AR wasn't really necessary for ...more

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : RHYOLITE

RHYOLITE 64 points (14 points without the bingo) Definition: a volcanic rock [n] Rhyolite is an igneous rock, which is one of the three main rock types, aside from sedimentary and metamorphic rock. It's also an extrusive volcanic rock, which is formed on the surface through ...more

How To : Draw the Barack Obama logo using Inkscape

Barack Obama is one of the most powerful, divisive, and above all important men in the world. His logo, largely unseen since his election in 2008, was a monument to simple, effective graphic design. Now you can recreate the iconic logo in Inkscape (the popular free vector grap ...more

How To : Enjoy travelling in Managua, Nicaragua

Want to see a huge monument of Sandino? Make your way to Managua, Nicaragua's proud capital and learn the insider travel information on this unique Central American nation. Allow an InterContinental Concierge member to lead you on a special tour of Managua, Nicaragua. I've bee ...more

News : Twitch Will Soon Allow Mobile Gamers to Live Stream

There is a seemingly endless supply of games on mobile. While many of these games are fantastic, many are also, well ... garbage. And unfortunately, the platform as a whole has been dismissed because of those garbage games. This situation leaves gamers like myself wondering wh ...more

News : Farmville Co- Jobs

Jobs and Rewards( credits to Pumpkin Pie O’Plenty 1400 Pumpkins 16 hrs 1 day 1 day, 12 hrs 8 hrs Chef Statue Rewards 462 Coins 527 XP 408 Coins 464 XP 340 Coins 387 XP A Pack of Picked Patty Pans 1500 Pattypan Squash 1 day, 7 hrs 2 days 3 days 16 hrs Mai ...more

News : Hannover

Finally, after about 7 months (off and on) The Free City of Hannover is finally finished. Video: . Me and Curtilisaurus would like to thank everyone who helped on this awesome build. We tried to get all your names on the monument, but I'm sure there were some people who were f ...more

News : TGF's Entry for the Subterranean Challenge

I like exploring and building underground in Minecraft. Finding a ravine, or even better one with an abandoned mineshaft. Exploring caves, and discovering dungeons. So this challenge is right up my alley. Right from the warp point to the challenge I notice the way some of the ...more

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