Mosquitos Diy

How To : 5 DIY Mosquito Repellent Secrets

Want to avoid getting your blood sucked by annoying little insects without breathing in toxic bug spray? Below are 5 DIY ways to create mosquito repellents with 100 percent all natural ingredients to avoid that annoying summertime itch. Click on the image to enlarge.

How To : Get rid of mosquitos

Water gardens are great but Mosquitoes like them too. To help control Mosquitoes a safe and effective remedy is Mosquito dunks. When placed in the water they are attractive to Mosquitoes, but they contain a bacteria. The Mosquitoes feed on it, it gets into their gut and kills ...more

How To : Fend off mosquitos

Not only are mosquitos annoying but they can also carry diseases. In this how to video Don shows you some easy ways to keep mosquitos away. Have a pest free summer with this great tutorial.

How To : Protect against mosquitos

Learn how to protect yourself from one of the most dangerous predators, the mosquito. Mosquitoes spread dengue fever and malaria. Phil West explains the steps and procedures to protect yourself from mosquitoes, using roots and animal dung. Protect against mosquitos. Click thro ...more

How To : 14 Amazing Uses for Orange Peels

What should you do with an orange peel after you're done eating the fruit part? If at least one half of the orange peel is still intact, consider using it as a seed starter pot, emergency oil lamp, bird feeder, or a super-easy, salt-packed DIY fridge deodorizer. Orange peel p ...more

How To : 10 Non-Cooking Uses for Onions

Want to reduce the overwhelming smell of paint from a newly painted room? Slice up some raw onions, place them in a bowl of water, and leave them in the room overnight. In addition to adding an extra kick to your home-cooked meals, onions are a versatile vegetable that can al ...more

News : The Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil Is Getting Worse

In March, we wrote about the growing threat of yellow fever in Brazil. At the time, the disease had killed just over a 100 people. Unfortunately, the disease has only spread since then with many more people infected and more killed. The Pan American Health Organization (PHO) ...more

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