Motorcycle Stand

How To : Properly use stands for your motorcycle

If you plan on doing repairs for you own motorcycle, there are a few tools that you'll need first. One of the most obvious is a stand. These help lift the bike and allows you to get into certain areas without having to worry about tipping the bike over. In this tutorial, you' ...more

How To : Tie a Turk's head knot for sailing

This how to video tutorial demonstrates how to tie a Turk's knot for sailing. Follow along with the step by step process and the directions below to learn how to tie the Turk's knot. Make 3 turns and follow this sequence: u-o-u-o-u, then around to the right of the standing en ...more

How To : Lift a dropped motorcycle

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to lift a dropped motorcycle. Begin by turning off the motorcycle engine. Make sure that you don't have any health issues including a bad back or knee. Check the motorcycle to see if there are any leaking fluids. Make sure the bike is ...more

How To : Remove the front wheel of a Kawasaki KLR650

This motorcycle parts tutorial video shows you how to remove the front wheel of a Kawasaki KLR650 bike. You need to remove the front wheel to do certain repairs, and perhaps repairs to the wheel itself. So learn how to remove your KLR 650 front wheel yourself in this video. To ...more

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