How To : Tie a release hitch knot for mountain climbing

Learn how to tie a release-hitch knot! The release hitch knot was developed to overcome the shortcomings of the Prusik knot, making it perfect for rock and mountain climbers. For an easy-to-follow, step-by-step overview of how to tie this useful climber's knot in a minute's ti ...more

How To : Tie a common figure eight climbing knot

How to tie a Eight Figure Knot. The demonstrator states that a figure eight is most common in mountain climbing and mountaineering knots for tieing into a rope system it is stong and hold most people of its type. Take one end of the rope, make sure you leave enough to work on ...more

How To : Ascend with prussik and garda hitch

This is just a demonstrational video of someone climbing using basic climbing equipment. Check out how to ascend with a prussik and garda hitch. This video is great for mountain climbing aficionados. For more detail look up the other crevasse self rescue videos.

How To : Get tips for anchors and knots when rock climbing

In these rock and mountain climbing instructional videos, learn how to set anchors for lead and top rope climbing. Having strong anchor points is crucial to a safe and successful climb. Get professional tips and techniques on using strong rope knots to secure your climb. Learn ...more

How To : Tie a Prusik knot to secure a loop to a tight line

The Prusik knot is a great versatile outdoor knot, boating knot, or paddling knot, and is used widely throughout each. Mountain climbing is a big user of this knot. You can use this knot to secure a loop to a tight line. Also great for hitching boats. A Prusik Knot forms a sl ...more

How To : Tie boating knots

In this video series our expert will demonstrate a wide variety of knots to use during camping adventures, rock and mountain climbing trips and much more. Part 1 of 16 - How to Tie boating knots. Tie boating knots - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch this video on expertvill ...more

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