How To : Create a melody in FL Studio

Writing a good melody is harder for some people than others but anyone can do it with practice. The key is to show you what makes up a melody & why the parts are important and NFX shows you how in this FL Studio tutorial.

How To : Prepare an Acapella vocal for a mix in FL Studio

In this tutorial NFX shows you (and explain why) his method of getting an acapella ready for the mix to be used in FL Studio (Fruity Loops). This tutorial is intended mostly for those acapellas you work on as a collab with an MC and not commercial quality acapellas.

How To : Sync acapella to your beat in FL Studio

This tutorial tries to describe a few ways to sync an acapella to your own beat. As with many things in life, there are many ways to do this but NFX gives some great starter points on usin gFL Studio to sync acapella and beats.

How To : Split tracks in FL Studio

NFX shows how to split tracks into WAV files using FL Studio. You would do this to send your song to a professional mixing engineer or maybe to collaborate with a non-FL user. Split tracks can be used in Protools, Audition, etc., but are demonstrated here in Fruity Loops.

How To : Create a reverse delay effect in FL Studio

This effect is used to spookify a sound and make it sound like it's coming from the underworld. Follow along as NFX shows you how to create a reverse delay effect in Fruity Loops (FL Studio). This can be done with vocals or instruments.

How To : Use filters in FL Studio

Ever wondered what a High Pass or ban Pass filter does? Why a Low Pass filter might be useful? Well wonder no more as NFX explains these useful EQ effects in FL Studio (Fruity Loops).

How To : Organize sounds and samples in FL Studio

NFX thinks good organization is a key to "getting out of the way" and letting your creativity flow when inspiration hits you. So check out his tutorial and learn some ways to organize your samples and sounds in FL Studio.

How To : Use ADSR Envelopes in FL Studio

The famous ADSR Envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release)... It's seen in almost every virtual instrument or software synthesizer from Albino to Halion to SampleTank to Z3ta but do you know what it does? In this tutorial NFX tries to explain how an ADSR envelope helps shap ...more

How To : Use the peak controller in FL Studio easily

The peak controller uses the peaks from an audio source to automate the parameters on another controller. In this Fruity Loops tutorial, NFX shows you how to use the peak controller when creating beats in FL Studio.

How To : Use the FL Studio Vocoder

NFX explains how a Vocoder works, specifically the Vocoder in FL Studio. Even if you don't have Fruity Loops, the functions of a vocoder are similar so you can still learn.

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