How To : Become a notary signing agent

Notaries can make $75-125 an hour for their services. All it takes is one course and a small fee to get a license and you will be on your way to raking in the extra cash. Being a notary is a great boost to your resume and your pocketbook, so why not give it a try?

How To : Become a notary and use it to your advantage

Becoming a notary can be useful to your business. Check out this tutorial for information for becoming a signing agent in your state. It is much easier than you would think and there a multiple ways to take advantage of your new title. This video will show you exactly how to d ...more

How To : Get your FBI file

Thanks to the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts, we’re all entitled to see what the FBI has on us. Learn how to get your hands on your FBI file. You Will Need: * Paper and pen * A notary public Step 1: Make contact Make contact. The FBI website provides form letters w ...more

How To : Legally change your name

Archie Leach. It just doesn't have the same ring as Cary Grant, does it? Marriage, divorce, or just dislike of the name your parents gave you – all are reasons to follow these steps toward a new name. You Will Need *Your birth certificate *Your social security card *A petiti ...more

How To : File a restraining order

Is someone threatening, following, or preventing you from carrying on a normal, healthy safe life? Protect yourself from the threat of injury or physical harm by filing a restraining order. In this video, learn what steps are needed to file a restraining order. You Will Need: ...more

How To : File for legal separation from your spouse

Contemplating divorce but not sure you're ready? The best way to deal with marital problems is to file for a legal separation. This tutorial will take you step by step through this difficult, emotional process. You Will Need • Internet access • Required paperwork • Law offi ...more

How To : Get a prenup before getting married

There is a lot of stigma around prenuptial agreements but they can be a good chance to work on difficult issues as a couple and make sure you're on the same page. Prenuptial agreements don't have to be a horrible experience and can give a soon to be married couple some peace o ...more

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