How To : The Best Micro SD Cards for Your Galaxy S9

In many ways, the Galaxy S9 is a holdout from the golden days of Android. It's one of the last major flagships to sport a headphone jack, it has an impressive array of internal sensors, and perhaps more importantly, it's got a micro SD card slot. If you're in the market for a ...more

How To : Make your videos look like a Hollywood film

Make your video look like a Hollywood film in 3 simple steps Everybody wants to shoot a video which a quality like a Hollywood film, here is a video which will solve your problem in three easy steps.First off all you have to go to "Project Video Properties" button and select ...more

Rasberry Pi : Introduction

Most of you probably heard about Rasberry Pi and if you haven't; what is wrong with you? But nothing less a Rasberry Pi is a computer a very small computer. Despite these size limitations, the Rasberry Pi is to not be underestimated. Not only can it do anything like a normal l ...more

News : Prank 'em with the (covert) Mentos ice cube

When Eepy Bird performed the Bellagio fountain synchronized soda dance with Mentos, it was nothing less than majestic. Problem is, 'majestic' doesn't get your roommate covered in soda, does it? Solution: a covert, single-shot Mentos prank. This is the supreme internet prank ...more

How To : Make a spicy kimchi and pork tenderloin stir fry

East meets, well, east in this cross cultural stir fry dish by Guy Fieri. Fieri takes classic Chinese stir fry up a notch on the heat meter by adding spicy Korean kimchi. The result is nothing less than spectacular. Serve it up at your family's next mealtime and watch as the ...more

How To : Care for your lawn and garden

When it comes to upkeep, Jose is nothing less than thorough. In this video series he shows you how to take care of your lawn and garden, even makes sure you clean your tools! Part 1 of 15 - How to Care for your lawn and garden. Care for your lawn and garden - Part 2 of 15. Cli ...more

News : The New Look of The Philippine Peso

Wow... look at those cash..Congratulations to the designers of the new Philippine Peso currency. Although only a small portion printed are in circulation I finally saw them thru a friend.They really look nice.. And so good to look at..Except for one major thing. The value didn ...more

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