How To : Solve math problems on number lines

Check out this instructional math video that demonstrates how to solve number lines. In the 11th lesson, learn how to solve SAT problems using the Official SAT Study Guide. Here are the math problems and their page numbers that this video covers: - p409 #8 - p535 #17 - p583 # ...more

How To : Plot a real number on a number line

This video tells you how to plot a real number on a number line. For example consider -3.1. You know -3.1 lies between -3 and -4. You also know -3.1 lies very close or next to 3. So all you have to do is, put a point just before -3. Now you have marked -3.1 on a number line. S ...more

How To : Translate a sentence into math symbols

We will be translating the sentence "twice y differs from 5 by more than two, “into a mathematical equation. The word twice generally means two times, so 2*y (because y comes next in the sentence). Differs normally means is different and a difference from something in a mathem ...more

How To : Graph negative numbers on number line

The video begins with a piece of paper with questions 6 and 7 on from section 1.3. The narrator introduces these two questions as both having to do with graphing on a number line. Starting with question 6, which asks the person to graph -11/4 on a number line, the narrator dra ...more

How To : Solve quadratic inequalities in calculus

Calculus can be a bit tricky, but don't worry, Watch Math is here to help you out. Watch this math video lesson to learn how to solve quadratic inequalities in calculus. There's no better way to learn mathematics than from an advanced mathematician, like this PhD. This quadra ...more

How To : Hack Facebook's Fish World (10/13/09)

Cheat Engine will help you win on Fish World! A little hacking never killed anyone, but it has made them richer, so see how to hack Fishworld now with this awesome Facebook Fish World cheat. In this Fish World video tutorial, see the steps on how to hack Facebook's Fish World ...more

How To : Graph inequalities on a number line

In this video, we learn how to graph inequalities on a number line. Inequalities have a greater than or less than sign instead of an equal signs. Remember that these are no different than figuring out how to graph normal equations. First, you will need to remove the single num ...more

How To : Solve multi-step equations with absolute values

This educational math video describes the steps necessary to solve an equation involving absolute values. "Absolute value" refers to the magnitude of a quantity and is always expressed as a positive number. You can think of absolute value as the distance a number would be from ...more

How To : Graph an inequality on a number line in Algebra

The video described here from [free math tutoring Freemathtutoring] teaches how to plot natural number on a number line in different situations. First, the author defines natural numbers, integers and real numbers. He then teaches different methods on how to plot natural numbe ...more

How To : Plot absolute values on a number line

From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to follow in their footsteps (or just finish your homework or study for that next ...more

How To : Add positive & negative numbers

This explanation of positive and negative signs in addition is beneficial and easy to understand for young school aged children. The tutor of this video explains briefly about what to do with the different signs on both side of addition problem. The number line helps the viewe ...more

How To : Estimate Square Roots

What Is a Square Root and a Radicand? A square root is a number that when multiplied by itself, results in its original number. For example, the square root of 16 is 4 because 4 • 4 = 16. A radicand is the value that you want to find the root of. For example, 16 is the radic ...more

How To : Solve rational inequalities using sine charts

When you are solving inequality for a rational function you don't do it the same way as you would solve an equality. Now the instructor shows how to solve an inequality with the help of an example. Now to solve an inequality which is in the form a/b first take the numerator an ...more

How To : Graph inequalities

Learn the correct method for graphing inequalities on a number line. Inequalities are, simply, mathematical comparisons between numbers or expressions. Numbers and other expressions can be greater than, less than, and/or equal to other numbers or expressions. Typically, this i ...more

How To : Graph an inequality on a number line

Need a little help in understanding the number line and graphing an inequality? Great! Here you will learn a valuable lesson with this how to do video. A basic tutorial, it explains what kind of dot to use when you are graphing inequalities. Then it shows you how to place the ...more

How To : Add numbers on a number line in pre-algebra

Lawrence Perez, from Saddleback College, and his assistant Charlie, give this pre-algebra lesson on adding numbers on a number line. This is basic arithmetic here, so, if you want to get into algebra, start with the basics.

How To : Learn about types of numbers

Learn about all the different types of numbers, like integers, irrational numbers, and real numbers, in great detail. Also includes how to use a number line, a dichotomist tool, and other methods of number manipulation.

How To : Add and subtract integers

In this video the instructor teaches how to add and subtract integers. When adding or subtracting two numbers there can be four kind of situations depending on the signs between the numbers. When you are adding two numbers which are both positive then you move forward on the n ...more

How To : Understand integers and the number line

User DayTeacher helps you understand integers and the number line. When numbers were conceived, man had the basic concept of small numbers. The first things you learn in a language are numbers. The weather might have had an impact on numbers, as temperatures dropped below 0. W ...more

How To : Add two digit numbers

Addition got you down? An expert instructor from Khan Academy walks you through the mysteries of adding two numbers together by breaking it down into easy to understand terms. Fun animated chalkboard examples make it easy for kids and adults alike to learn how to add. Also dem ...more

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