Offense Football

How To : Perform soccer drills to improve offense & defense

Even expert players who score impressive football victories in the UEFA championship games need to practice and train properly. Get a peek into the Spanish Football Federation's training tactics via this video on soccer drills that improve a soccer team's offense and defense. ...more

How To : Do soccer drills to maintain possesion of the ball

This is a helpful soccer video because it gives you tactics from both sides of play. Taken from a training routine from the Spanish Football Federation, the video improves your team's ability to retain possession of the ball while also breaking down offense moves in terms of w ...more

How To : Run a successful running offense in Madden NFL 11

Having a successful rushing attack is the key to good offense both in real football and virtual. If you play Madden NFL 11 and are having trouble running the ball, this video will give you all sorts of great tips and tricks to help you out getting your offense moving and scori ...more

How To : Run an offensive sweep play in football

In this video series, our expert Sean Hobson, will teach you how to run a sweep play on offense in American football. He will show you how to setup the sweep play, how to setup the offense, and how to setup a similar play, the pitch. Sean will also show you what the line does ...more

How To : Run a 4-3 defense in football

In this video series, our expert Sean Hobson will show you how to run a 4-3 defense in american football. He will teach you how to position the linemen, the linebackers, and the defensive backs. Sean will teach you the job of each defensive position, and how to blitz using eac ...more

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