How To : Make an annoying strobe flash from an old camera

This shows you how to modify an old camera so it flashes at the push of a button. Annoy your friends. It's a perfect practical joke by modifying an old camera flash to create a strobe effect. This will make it so you don't have to wind it, just push the button

How To : Use an old flash on a new digital camera

Old camera equipment like flashes and lenses are often praised by modern photographers, but getting them integrated into new digital photography setups can be a challenge. This video will show you some tips for using old flashes with new digital cameras, including a great tric ...more

How To : Make a robot suit

To build a robot suit you will need a football toy chest, a medium sized trash can, two old camera flashes, heater vent cover, two old Sega Genesis controllers, a big lamp shade, a big sheet of cardboard, dryer vent hose, plastic scale, old "Go-bots" brand 110 camera, spray pa ...more

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