How To : Watch the 2012 London Olympics Online (Legally)

Later today, the Olympics are kicking off in London on NBC and its partner stations. However, if you don't have cable or a television with some good reception—or if you'd rather just follow the events on-the-go or at your desk—you're not out of luck. Photo by Locog Watch a Li ...more

News : Jackass Pain Olympics

Have each cast member do the most painful thing they can do to themselves, and whoever does the most funny/painful thing wins. Sort of like the BME pain olympics.

How To : Do an Olympic gymnast workout

In this fitness tutorial, seven-time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller teams up with Better TV's fitness expert for a little Olympics 101 workout. Watch this how to video and you can get in shape Olympic style.

How To : Watch the Winter Olympics with Snapchat

Earlier this week, Snapchat announced a partnership with NBCUniversal regarding the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. Starting on February 10, Snapchat will be streaming a feed of NBC's live broadcast of the Olympics in Pyeongchang. The broadcast will be using Snapcha ...more

How To : Execute an Olympic hammer throw

Scottish hammer throwing from a guy just barely figuring it out himself. This is a track and field event not common in high school but seen in the Olympics. This tutorial concentrates on good body position and safe use of muscle groups when rotating.

News : Electric Dog Collar Olympics

Five events: 100m dash, long jump, shotput, hurdles and high jump. Each participant has to wear electric dog collars around their various bodily parts, ranging from neck to wrists, ankles and potentially genitalia (for a special elimination round in case of ties or boredom). ...more

News : The Drinking Game Olympics

Drinking meets Olympiads. It can be related to by anyone who plays beer pong, kings cup, four corners etc. But there is a catch. They wont be playing with beer. Pick your poison(hard liquor.) Were about to get Active. The Drinking Game Olympics consist of the 3 team games. L ...more

News : The Jackass Olympic Games

Have you got the olympic balls!!!! Nuts this is going to hurt!!!! The Jackass Olympics is a test not only of athleticism but also what every true sportsman or in some case women should have balls of steel!!I foresee the event to be a close contest, with the winner being awarde ...more

News : Catapult Olympics

Similar to earlier submission I did with catapults, but this time there would be two or three catapults. Each of the guys would be put into one of those giant plastic hamster balls and then shot from the catapult at each other so they would hopefully hit in mid-air. Then roll ...more

How To : Attack in volleyball

The volleyball attack can excite the crowd and devastate the opposing team. The approach, jump and landing are the basic aspects of a successful volleyball attack. Learn how to attack in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Perform left step then right step approach. ...more

How To : Dive for the ball in a game of volleyball

Advanced defensive techniques are important in getting to balls that are hit into difficult positions. Whether the ball is hit low, to the side or high, the volleyball player must be prepared. Learn how to do advanced defensive techniques in this volleyball video tutorial. Ta ...more

How To : Receive a serve in a game of volleyball

Serve receiving in volleyball depends upon a proper beginning posture and correct footwork. Learn how to receive serves in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Maintain proper serve receive posture. Know forward patterns for each floor movement. Step shuffle on short ...more

How To : Serve overhand in a game of volleyball

The overhand serve can be placed with great accuracy and power and, as you will see in this sports video, is difficult to return. Learn how to serve overhand in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Get in serving position. Keep body rigid & core tight. Toss the ball ...more

News : Put Your Legs In Front Of Your Head

Whoa, these bygone era triplets are seriously flexible. "The Ross Sisters were a trio of female sibling dancers consisting of Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross (whose real names were Vicki, Dixie and Betsy Ross). Their public attention peaked during the 1940s, during w ...more

How To : Jump serve in a game of volleyball

The jump serve is an aggressive overhand volleyball serve designed to score quickly and, as you will see in this sports video, is very difficult to return. Learn how to jump serve in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Move 10 or 15 feet behind service line. Toss th ...more

Winspiration : The Bro Code Unlocked!

Hey bros, broettes, and normal people. This post is all about INSPIRATION, a word that we hear a lot during years when the Olympics are on, but screw that, they don't own the copyright and I'm using it. I've already shown you guys and gals how to write realistically with chal ...more

How To : Position your body in a game of volleyball

Perfect body position allows the volleyball player to execute effective techniques on both offense and defense. Learn how to get into perfect body position in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Keep left toe staggered with right foot. Keep knees out. Keep back at 4 ...more

News : Dissecting a Frog With LEGOs

You can almost feel the pain of Dave Kaleta’s outstretched, dissected frog (which is pretty incredible, considering it was constructed with those tiny, plastic bricks we call LEGOs). Kaleta's work of LEGO art was built for the MOCPages MOC Olympics. Previously, Economic Depre ...more

News : Pizza Acrobat Defies the Laws of Physics

Hard to imagine such a thing exists, but the US Pizza Team is a group of freestyle, acrobatic, dough-tossing pizza makers with truly unreal talent. They represent America in Italy's annual Olympics of Pizza. Below, Nino Coniglio, owner of Brooklyn's Pizzeria del Corso and team ...more

How To : Do the breast stroke faster and more easily

The breast stroke may seem like an afterthought at modern Olympics dominated by the Freestyle and IM events, but it still has two of it's own races and is a part of the IM and Medley Relays, so knowing how to do it well is still great for any competitive swimmer. This video, p ...more

NR30 : The Augmented Reality Influencers of 2018

Influencers of augmented reality demonstrate expertise in their fields and outline a strong vision for the future that they evangelize to others. They help define the direction of the industry and identify others who foster and create innovation in the field. The idea of the ...more

How To : Be a middle hitter in a game of volleyball

The volleyball middle hitter attacks from both in front of the setter and sliding behind the setter. Learn how to be a middle hitter in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Hit balls from middle of net. Beat defense with speed & quickness. Make left-right-left approa ...more

How To : Pronounce and write Beijing in Mandarin Chinese

This instructional video teaches the proper English pronunciation of "Beijing" based on modern standard Chinese (Mandarin). It also describes the two Chinese characters that make up the name "Beijing" China's capital city and host of the 2008 summer Olympics. Watch this how to ...more

How To : Play defense in a game of volleyball

The volleyball defensive priority is to contact the ball in the body's midline. Maintaining perfect body position is essential to good volleyball defense. Learn how to play defense in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Contact ball in midline of body. Contact ball ...more

How To : Serve underhand in a game of volleyball

The underhand serve is a passive and slower volleyball serve designed to only get the ball over the net and, as you will see in this sports video, is very easy to return. Learn how to serve underhand in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Learn overhand serve first. ...more

How To : Play flip cup, a drinking game

It goes by many names, but flip cup is the mother of all team drinking games. Bottoms up! Learn how to play Flip Cup, a drinking game. You Will Need: * At least six players * One 12 oz. plastic cup per player * A long table you can trash * Plenty of beer Step 1: Divide into ...more

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