Ombre Nail

How To : Do Gradient Ombre Pink Punk Nails

This is a super cute girly pink punk nail design that is done in the backdrop of pink and black gradient - ombre nail art style! Video: . For this nail art design, you will need the following : Base coat Top coat Pink Nail Polish Black Nail Polish Make Up Sponge Scissors Twee ...more

How To : Create an ombre zebra nail design

Ombre and zebra prints are two of the hottest fashion trends this season, but you'd never see the two trends mishmashed together on on person. Until now. Though mixing prints is usually frowned upon by fashion sticklers, this ombre and zebra print hybrid nail is sheer gorgeou ...more

How To : Do Ombre Sequinned Hearts Nail Design

This is a very cute and simple gradient or ombre sequinned nail art with hearts nail polish design that a did a few days back and just wanted to share with all you girls here. Video: . It is a lot of fun to create and is great for various nail lengths! The thing about these t ...more

How To : Do Ombre Nails Without Sponge !

Check out this awesome step by step video to learn how to do ombre nails without sponge ! Only products used : nail polishes !!!! Video: . For more nail art tutorials and videos , check out - Thanks for watching ! Dont f ...more

How To : Do Ombre and Flower Nails

This is a very easy to do flower nail design pattern on ombre look without sponge ! Video: . For Nail art tutorials - Thanks for watching! do share your opinions on this polish if you wish to :-)

How To : Do Glitter Ombre Nails

Check out this tutorial to learn how to do glitter ombre nails. Video: . For more nail art video tutorials, check out my youtube channel - Thanks for watching. Do give kudos and share !

How To : Create an exotic Cattleya orchird nail look

Cattleya orchids are amongst the rarer orchid species, known for their almost jellyfish-like, ethereal lower sections and great range of color. So what better way to experiment with bright nail colors than buy painting some of these exotic orchids on your nails? Check out thi ...more

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