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Kick Ass Game Review Part 1 : Background and Voice Talent

Kick Ass Game Review Part 1: Background & Voice Talent There are three parties involved in bringing you The Kick Ass Game: - Wha Entertainment (Publisher) - Marv Entertainment (Role unknown) - Frozen Codebase (Indie Developer) Wha Entertainment is owned by Howard Horowitz. H ...more

News : Okay, Sergio Kato

Sergio Kato, Professional Actor And Model Sergio Kato Los Angeles, California, USA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SAG/AFTRA/AEA - European Guild, Brazilian Guilds Wilshire Blvd, N/A, Los Angeles, California 93210 United States Here is my resumeé: www.imdb.com/name/nm1415992/resume ...more

News : Thank You for, Your Friendship True.

Brenda Starr the Film: Sergio Kato and Brooke Shields. Sergio Kato was born in Brazil, City, Rio de Janeiro, making his first starring role in “Brenda Starr” with Brooke Shields. He did also the film: “Only the Strong”. In the early 80s Sergio instructed martial arts classes a ...more

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