How To : Dye Easter eggs with onion skins and rubber bands

Naturally dyed eggs is the way to go for Easter time. Aside from just using your normal dyes for Easter eggs, add a unique look by just using onion skins. Onion skins will dye your Easter eggs with a cook natural color, great for eating or for decoration. Chef Cari from the F ...more

How To : Make onion skin Easter eggs

The Simple Chef is going to show you a very easy guide to making onion skinned Easter eggs. All you need is: eggs, onion skins, paper towels, and some twine or string. To begin, you want to take an egg and wrap it in onion skins until it's completely covered and then wrap the ...more

How To : Animate with Macromedia Flash MX

This software tutorial shows you how to create a stick figure animation using the draw tools in Flash. Animating in Flash is made easy with the onion skin tools so watch and see how to create your own cartoons in Flash.

How To : Use Macromedia Flash 8

This how to video shows you how to use the program Macromedia Flash 8. First, open the program and click Flash Document. Next, select show frame in the drop down menu. Next, right click and select insert layer. Select the pen tool and choose a size. Next, select a color and th ...more

How To : Create frame by frame animations in Flash

In this video you will learn to create frame by frame animation using Flash. Frame by frame animation is basically very similar to the traditional animation technique. Among the Flash techniques used in the example is onion skin and keyframing. Create frame by frame animations ...more

How To : Create pose-to-pose animations in Flash

This video is a lesson on pose-to-pose animation and is great for beginners. Tony is using Onion Skin, and a new way to count… 1,5,3,2,4. Watch part two and learn how to breathe some life into the stick by adding anticipation, and a little bounce at the end. Part 1 of 2 - How ...more

How To : Repurpose Your Thanksgiving Trash

After the turkey is carved and the leftover meat is refrigerated, don't get rid of the remaining carcass and bones just yet. You can make some delicious turkey stock with them. Just add them to a big pot of carrots, celery, onion, and water — then simmer. There are other food ...more

How To : Make a basic flash game

To create a simple game in flash select the first frame and open the action bar where you will write "stop[];". Next you will make a start or begin button. Convert this button to a button. Then you can open the action bar and write "on(release) {gotoAndPlay(2)}". Afterward use ...more

How To : Make a quick shrimp stock

Poppy Tooker explains how making your own shrimp stock is really quite simple. 1. Throw in leftover shrimp shells, onion skins, and celery heads into one big pot. 2. Fill the pot with water until everything is submerged. 3. Let it come to a boil, and let cook for 10 minutes. ...more

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