Organize the Actions Palette in Photoshop

How To : Organize the actions palette in Photoshop

This 3 part tutorial will help you organize your Photoshop actions. In part 1, you will learn how to move and save action sets and organize the action palette. Don't forget to back them up! Part 2 shows you how to create your own mini-actions set and how to organize the action ...more

How To : Apply any shape to a Photoshop layer mask

This video tutorial shows you how to expand your knowledge of the new Artistic Actions Kit in Photoshop CS3 by teaching you how to apply any shape you want to a layer mask. Don't forget to check the palette menu for more mask ideas and options.

How To : Organize and dock palettes within Photoshop

Is your Photoshop workplace a mess? Do you often have problems finding the tools you need? In this video tutorial you will learn to organize and dock your palettes within Photoshop in order to improve space and usability of the work environment.

How To : Make a CD cover in Photoshop

This video is about how to make a CD cover. First, open up the image that you have. Then, you need an action script. Click on the action's palette and pick which CD cover you want to do. Then you click step one which will run a template for you to set everything up and place y ...more

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