Origami a Strawberry

How To : Origami strawberry shortcake Japanese style

These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold a paper strawberry shortcake Japanese style. Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own paper strawberry shortcake. Use the start, stop, forward and back buttons to easily follow along. You can ...more

How To : Fold an easy and cute origami strawberry

Does it get any cuter than an origami strawberry? We think not. Whether you're itching for spring or just need something fun to do to pass the time, you can produce these lifelike mini strawberries in no time. Check out this origami video to learn how to fold these babies.

How To : Make an Origami Strawberry

Do you like strawberries? If you answer is "Yes" Try to make this easy and beautiful origami strawberry model. You need only square piece of paper and 5 minutes free time. Difficulty: Easy Video: .

How To : Origami a 3D strawberry

This video provides a tutorial on how to create a 3 dimensional origami strawberry. It is helpful for the origami enthusiast or the origami beginner.

How To : Make a strawberry from folded paper with origami

This is a video tutorial showing its audience how to make an origami strawberry. The first step in making this strawberry is to gather your supplies. You will need one piece of origami paper. First fold the paper into half on one side then open it and fold it in half again so ...more

How To : Make a strawberry out of 3-D origami

Make sure that you already know the basics of 3-D origami - the folding of triangles. Once you have enough red, white and green triangles, you can form them into a fat, juicy strawberry! Practice also rounding out your corners.

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