Origami Tessellations

How To : Origami a tessellation hexagon twist

Regular hexagons are so blah, so amp up the tried and true geometric shape (and kindergarten building blocks toy) by adding a whole new dimension! Make your hexagons go 3D wih this tutorial on how to create a hexagon twist. It is a technique that is often used in origami tess ...more

How To : Damn, This Dude Knows How To Fold Paper

I've seen lots of amazing origami, but seriously, Benjamin Parker can fold. His intricate origami tessellations are incredible. Parker has been folding since the age of six, and has exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe. To view all of his work, visit his flickr stream.

How To : Origami a base using the Fujimoto method

This clip shows the Fujimoto method of folding sheets into equilateral triangles. The result is a sheet of paper that is pre-creased for use as a base in creating tessellations or geometric tiling patterns. There is no audio for this clip, just a closeup of the hands in action.

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