How To : Fold an origami bow tie with a dollar bill

Going to a black tie affair and don't have a bow tie? Well, this video won't help you in the least - but, while you're trying to figure out what to do, you can nervously fold an origami bow tie out of a dollar bill... Don't know how? Watch this video from Fold Something.

How To : Make an origami bow tie from a one-dollar bill

In this episode of the Southwest Yard & Garden series, John White discusses common plant problems with the help of Dr. Natalie Goldberg an extension plant pathologist. The common shrub problem discussed is Powdered mildew, which is shown on a japonica shrub. The common tree pr ...more

How To : Make a cute pink origami bowtie for beginners

Origami bows are handy for times when you're wrapping a gift last minute and the closest thing you have to a ribbon is a roll of packing tape. Origami this beginner level pink bow to slap on the present for a much prettier presentation. Your friend, lover, or family member wi ...more

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