How To : Fold open-centered origami stars from dollar bills

If you've already mastered the crane and the basic origami lucky star, then this five-pointed star is the next logical step to take. Made from a dollar bill, this origami project doesn't even require special materials to assemble. Check out the video to learn how to build thi ...more

How To : Fold an origami lucky star (puffy star)

Talk about taking the adage "count your lucky stars" literally. This video demonstrates the birth and making of origami lucky stars, also known by their street name, puffy stars. Japanese tradition dictates that after completing these adorable twinklers you fill a nice jar wi ...more

How To : Origami an Ajisai flower or hydrangea

An ajisai flower is the Japanese term for a hydrangea, a flowering plant which is native to eastern Asia and North and South America. These softly colored shrubs are the inspiration behind Fast Origami's tutorial for making an origami ajisai flower. You can try this project o ...more

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