Overcome Your Shyness

How To : Overcome shyness quickly

In this tutorial, Peter Murphy tells us how to overcome shyness. The first step to do this is to build an unstoppable self-confidence in ourselves. The second skill is to develop excellent communication skills. This isn't just being good at talking to other people, it's by lea ...more

How To : Overcome shyness when talking to girls

This is a great video with a response from "AskDanandJennifer.com" dealing with one of the most challenging topics, how to overcome shyness and ask a girl out. The video is really helpful because it offers what to do and what NOT to do strategies. It also provides feedback fro ...more

How To : Overcome shyness and social awkwardness with tips

Most everyone has a fear of public speaking. Even the most seasoned politicians can't get through a speech without sweaty palms, butterflies in his/her stomach, or general nervousness. But for those who are shy, these symptoms occur every time they're in a social situation. S ...more

News : Watch the Smartest Mouse In the World Kick Maze Ass

Meet YouTube user kittenandtiger, the mysterious Austrian mouse whisperer. Master of mouse training site Mouse Agility, kittenandtiger has had a love for rodents since a very young age: "When I was a child I discovered a small mouse population in our barn, and since then I sa ...more

News : The Value and Worth of Daily Positive Affirmations

I've been dealing with emotional difficulty for many years. It started when I had surgery for the epilepsy I was dealing, and quite literally, dying with. Since the surgery on March 28, 1990 I have had no seizures, but I have had plenty of emotional difficulty. Along with that ...more

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