Pagination in Indesign

How To : Set pagination in InDesign CS3

Are you tired of manually number you pages in InDesign CS3? This video shows you how to automatically number pages and chapters in multiple InDesign documents. Check out this cool video by David Blatner. Set pagination in InDesign CS3. Click through to watch this video on adob ...more

How To : Set up pagination in Adobe InDesign

Get your numbering straight with Adobe's InDesign and this helpful tutorial, showing you what you need to know. It's essential when creating a project for yourself or a client, to get your numbering right the first time. There is no second chance. So, check out the steps and s ...more

How To : Create pagination in Adobe InDesign

If you're creating a document and with Adobe's InDesign and would like to learn how to number your pages, look no further. This video will show you what to do to make sure you get the numbers you want, where you want them. Though this seems like a simple task, it can prove fru ...more

How To : Add auto page numbering in indesign CS3 & CS4

This video is a simple guide about adding automatic page numbering to your document in Adobe's InDesign. It can be a tricky task, but there's no need to fear, this how-to will get you up and numbering in no time. Whether you're making your own document or presentation, or you' ...more

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