Paintball Gun Build

News : A fight withpoo filled guns, cannons, slingshots etc

You split into teams and load your selves up with poo filled guns, poo filled cannons, and poo filled slingshots. Then you fight! Its like an extreme version of paintball ( or pooball in this case ). The teams could make poo traps along the way, like when somebody steps on som ...more

News : Rochambo

Get paintballs and put them in the freezer Get 2 paintball guns Get a friend Stand 30ft apart Play a game of Rochambo with the paintballs I f this prank needs to be edited to prevent serious injury then by all means do so

News : Bungee paintball

Have Steve-o and Chris Pontius,dressed in very little, do a tandom bungee jump off the highest bungee jumping bridge in the world which is in South Africa, it is 216meters high and as they jump have the rest of the crew with paintball guns ready to shoot them as the are flying ...more

News : some BMX S#@&

Get a pool and fill it with shit and then have dave, try to jump over it with a bmx bike, and rig the bmx bike seat by putting a air bag underneath it, and as soon as he gets to the top of the ramp have wee man stick a steel pole inside the front spokes, and have the airbag go ...more

News : When Jackass flies

Get a member of the crew to go parasailing behind a boat. Then when the person is in the air the rest of the people use him as target practice with some paintball guns.

News : Stormin the Beach

The Jackass cast are dressed in Revolutionary War outfits and are riding and paddling a large canoe towards a beach.All around the beach is the enemy waiting for them. When Johnny and the boys are near the shore; the enemy opens fire, with bottle rockets, roman candles, fire h ...more

News : Paintball Blast

The title of this prank doesn't really tell everything about it. So here it is. Imagine Johnny Knoxville walking down the road among dozens of other pedestrains. Have police sirens blaring in the backround. Have a white van speeding hen come to a screeching halt. Have Bam marg ...more

News : The best messed up prank segment

Apply ants to inside of straight jacket Convince someone that they can get out of a straight jacket (Use a magician to show them how to get out) Bet a large sum of money that they can't do it blind folded Insert person into ant-filled straight jacket Load paintball guns ...more

News : the slimy ass shoot out

ok jackasses this is the ultimate prank.. ok what you have to do is when someone is sleeping suprise them with an airhorn, then with a bucket of all sorts of bugs, snakes, shit , and piss. then when they jump up and are like what the hell butter the floor and put marbles every ...more

News : Fireworks Skirmish

Plain and simple, organise a game of skirmish... but with a twist. This game of skirmish involves the use of modified paintball guns... that instead of shooting paintballs it shoots firewords. Find either a nice open area, public block, or a small closed off area to play in. ...more

News : The Last Tango To Hell and Back

The Jackass cast enter a hotel ballroom completely nude except they are all wearing safety goggles.Each member must pair up to second member to use as a "dance partner". Some slow romantic music starts playing over a large stereo sound system in the room. ("Slow Dancing" by Jo ...more

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