Papercraft Shot Gun

How To : Set up a hot chick bloody gun shot stunt double

This Kipkay video shows you how to make a squib for a perfect bloody gun shot effect. This Special FX howto will make your gorey bullet hole movie so much more realistic. You need a garden hose valve to build this movie effect. Alicia takes a bullet as we show you how to do t ...more

How To : Perform gun shot residue analysis (GSR)

In this scientific video tutorial, undergraduate students in a forensic chemistry lab demonstrate how to perform gunshot residue analysis (GSR). Learn how to perform gun shot residue analysis (GSR)! Just like in CSI. The production of this video was supported through a grant ...more

How To : Simulate a gun shot wound special effect

Watch this short tutorial on how to make a realistic bullet hit to simulate an actor getting shot by a gun. Materials needed include a pressure sprayer, clear tubing that will fit on to the hose of the pressure sprayer, a small Translucent PVC elbow, fake blood, duct tape, a f ...more

How To : Use the Nerf Gun Long Shot

In this how to video, you will learn how to use the Nerf Gun Long Shot. First, you will need to know about the magazine. These can hold 8 shots and are spring loaded. Do not load 8 shots, as it will jam. Instead, load 6 shots to prevent this. The shots can be used in other gun ...more

How To : Use shot calling during gun target practice

In this how to video, you will learn how to shot call. First, this refers to looking the sight's relationship to the target when the gun goes off. This will tell you where the bullet will appear on the target. This process occurs in less than a second, so do not flinch or clos ...more

How To : Make an advanced, 8 shot rubber band gun

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make a rubber band gun. You will need a half inch of plywood, basswood, a dowel, rubber bands, finishing nails, tacks, water bottle, sand paper, spade and drill bits, hammer, a ruler, a cutting knife, and a compass. Cut off the top o ...more

How To : Turn a sling shot into a deadly spear gun

Learn how you can change a sling shot into a deadly spear gun. To make this gun you will need two plastic ties, 2" diameter PVC pipe, two end caps for the pipe, 1/4" to 1/2" dowel rods and a slingshot. This spear gun is very powerful and should only be used for target shooting ...more

How to Play Dead Space 2 : Achievement & Trophy Guide

It's currently 2011, but when you fire up your game console, put your hands on the controller and play the new Dead Space 2 video game, you're warped into the future— into the year 2511— just 3 years after the events that took place in the first Dead Space. And it's sure to be ...more

How To : Do target acquisition when shooting a gun

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do target acquisition when shooting a gun. When engaging a shot, use the front sight of the gun as a guide to aim. As soon as you approach the second shot, leave your front sight and find the next target. As the gun approaches the t ...more

How To : Choose the right shotgun

In this how to video, you will learn how to choose the right shotgun. There are many options to consider. First, there is the pump action shot gun. This is very affordable, 300-500 dollar shotgun with a 3 shot capacity. You must manually work the action when shooting. This mak ...more

How To : Create a realistic looking cinema style head shot

In this video, we learn how to create a realistic looking cinema style head shot. First, you will need a cheap toy gun, colored wax, and fake blood to create this. Now, you will need to get some footage of the shooter shooting the gun and flinging fake blood in the persons fak ...more

How To : Engage targets with the El Presidente rifle drill

Check out this video tutorial from Viking Tactics on how to engage targets with a rifle using the El Presidente drill. The El Prez has been shot with pistol for years. Here, we simply replace the pistol with the rifle. Conducted from 10 yards, the drill requires 12x rounds (6 ...more

How To : Devastate your attacker during a hand gun attack

Learn how to strike your attacker when facing a hand gun attack. This is step three in surviving a hand gun attack, following how not to get shot, and how to gain control of the weapon. Learn how to get inside the gun's danger circle using different strikes and stay in there. ...more

How to Get Better at Halo : Reach

Introduction Halo: Reach is Bungie's latest and final addition to the franchise. Microsoft has claimed the title and from now on 343 Industries will be working on the Halo franchise. In my opinion, Bungie's last game is the best out of all of them. These are some tactics and ...more

How To : Make a semi-automatic pen gun

Making small, nonlethal firearms out of desktop materials is one of the most fun things a student can do in a boring class, and there are a millions ways to do it. This video will teach you how to make an awesome semi-automatic pen gun that will annoy your friends much faster ...more

How To : Model and animate falling shell casings in 3DS MAX

When people fire weapons in movies, there is often a shot of the shell-casings leaving the gun and flying through the air. Sometimes we get to follow them all the way to the ground, leaving us with a sense of loss at the firing of the weapon. This video will show you how to mo ...more

How To : Engage targets with a rifle using the 1-5 drill

Check out this video tutorial from Viking Tactics on how to engage multiple targets with a rifle using the 1-5 drill. The 1-5 drill is designed to both reinforce and expand upon the lessons of the 2x2x2 drill. Like the 2x2x2 drill, we use the 1-5 drill to focus shooters on d ...more

How To : Reload a revolver handgun quickly

In this how-to video, you will learn how to quickly reload your revolver. There are many techniques involved. First, there is the swap over technique. This means there is a lot of work with the non firing hand. Reach over and hit the thumb latch. Place it into your weak hand a ...more

How To : Clean an SKS Rifle

So you went out and bought an SKS rifle...good for you. In my opinion, there are few rifles that can match the SKS as a personal weapon, whether used for hunting, recreation, or defense. Yes, some people will tell you that your SKS is a piece of outdated junk, and that their $ ...more

How To : Kneel in different ways when shooting a handgun

In this how to video, you will learn how to kneel while using a gun. When shooting in a kneeling position, you want the same stance as if you were shooting while standing. With this in mind, you should not sit on your heel as you shoot while kneeling. There are many types of w ...more

How To : Do a shotgun set up to break skeet targets

This video illustrate us how to do a shotgun set up to break skeet targets. Here are the following steps: Step 1: inspect your gun properly and assure that all the settings are proper. Step 2: Go to the shooting spot and visualize the target with full concentration. Step 3: ...more

How To : Modify a sprinkler valve for use in a spud gun

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to modify a RainBird CP-100 Sprinkler Valve for use in a pneumatic cannon (spudgun). Or, if you so desire, you can put the modified sprinkler valve in a golf ball cannon like in this video (see the test shot at the end). Just ge ...more

How To : Move and shoot a gun

This video gives some good tips on how to keep your gun straight and aimed while moving forwards, backwards and turning. Also gives good tips on how to backup to shoot an attacker keeping them from grabbing your gun and giving you a better shot.

How To : Make a paper shotgun

In this video of 3 parts you are shown how to make a shot gun out of simple paper. You need Scissors, tape and paper for this. Now follow these simple steps: -Take 2 sheets of rectangular paper and roll them separately lengthwise. Put a piece of tape on each of them at the end ...more

How To : Shotgun a beer using just your thumb

Impress you drinking buddies with this shotgun beer trick. This trick simply requires your favorite brand of beer and your thumb. Watch and learn how to punch your thumb through a full and sealed can of beer. You'll never need a pen or knife again to shot gun a beer!

How To : Make 1 sheet toothpick shotgun

This video shows us how to make a small shot gun only with things we have home. All we need is one sheet of printer paper, two or three pencils with different size (or something like that) and a sticky tape. We make 3 small paper tubes and fill them with the pencils. It's impo ...more

Guns, Bullets, and Steel : Al Farrow's Reliquary Sculptures

Perhaps a metaphor for society's dependency on weapons. Maybe a sardonic statement to what's really sacred these days. But one thing's for sure—Al Farrow's bullet-framed reliquaries are enough to make any gun-toting art enthusiast wet their pants. Bombed Mosque. Made of guns, ...more

News : Introduction Into the Game!

If you have never heard of Team Fortress Two here is your chance to play! Before we get into anything complicated, there are some basics you should know. How to get it! Team fortress two is actually a free game! It is easily obtainable by downloading steam for free at http: ...more

Red Dead Redemption : Lessons in Failure

So far in this game, my score card: 0-1 from saving a guy from coyotes.  My first ever fail in the game. 0-7 from saving a woman being attacked by coyotes. I don't even try anymore. 0-2 from saving someone hanged by bandits. 1-3 from saving a person being tied and dragged out ...more

How To : Splatter blood & make a muzzle flash in film

In this tutorial, we learn how to splatter blood & make a muzzle flash in film. First, you will need to grab a starter pistol for anywhere on the internet. Then, take a shot of your shooting the gun and someone else pretending like they are taking the bullet. Then, load this c ...more

How To : Do pistol shooting stances

In this handgun instructional video series, learn proper firearm shooting stances and forms. Our gun expert will show you how to shoot a gun from a kneeling position, laying on your back, or advancing forward, as well as how to position your arms and feet, how to shoot a gun o ...more

News : Graffiti Bot Tags With Paintball Bullets

Very cool project by Benjamin Gaulon. Gaulon has created a graffiti writing paintball robot, entitled PrintBall. He uses technology from (previously posted) EyeWriter to tag with his eyes, plastering a wall with paintballs. From Gaulon's site, Recyclism: "The PrintBall is a ...more

News : DIY Papercraft Architecture with Lighting

This is probably the least "Mathy" thing I will ever post. In my opinion, it's impossible to have architecture that isn't mathematical in some sense, so I am posting it anyway. Two years ago, I made a papercraft version of a cathedral in Christchurch New Zealand (It was severe ...more

Snapseed : Can a $5 App Replace Lightroom and Photoshop?

Snapseed is a highly regarded and award-winning photo-editing app for iOS devices. Originating out of image manipulation specialist Nik Software in San Diego, Snapseed is Apple’s iPad App of the Year and, after using it for the purposes of this review, I believe it points to t ...more

News : Speeding Bullet Vs. a Single Drop of Water

Alexander Augusteijn captures one of the world's most deadly projectiles slicing through the Earth's delicate water droplet. Via PetaPixel: "I am a photographer from the Netherlands, specializing in high speed photography. I use a normal flash to achieve very short illuminat ...more

How To : Pattern your shotgun

When shooting a shotgun, you don't really have to aim--just point and shoot. Whether you hit what you're shooting at depends on how well you did your homework. "Patterning" your shotgun allows you to choose exactly the right brand of shells, size and type of shot and type of c ...more

How To : Install Winterboard on an iPod Touch or iPhone

This video teaches you how to install Winterboard on an iPod touch or iPhone. First you search for the Winterboard program and install it. Then its going to ask you to install and you tap it and then it will ask you to confirm and you will tap it again. Then it will start down ...more

How To : Add special effects in Premiere Pro

This video shows you how to add some smoke and muzzle type flash effects to video footage of a gun being shot. The video says it's using After Effects, but the software is really Adobe Premiere Pro.

How To : Get all the titles in Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD4), there are titles that you can unlock for use on your Callsigns. If you want to know how to unlock all of the titles, this three-part video list them all and how to achieve them. See such titles as FNG, SDDD, Sgt., 1st Sgt., 1st Lt., M ...more

News : Abnormal Behavior

Ok, so all you need is some paintball guns, some marshmallows, some fishing line and someone that is an unnaturally heavy sleeper. Since you guys got money, attach the paintball guns to individual stands aimed at the targets crotch or stomach. You take the fishing line, loop o ...more

News : Super Shot

This idea I have is called the Super Shot. First, you can either do this in a bar type setting, or just build a makeshift bar of your own, whichever suits your needs, cause either shall work. Second, gather as many of your favorite types of liquor, which can either be whiske ...more

News : Laser Coil Gun Shoots Bullets on Pure Electricity

Wow, kudos to Daniel Eindhoven for his incredible laser-lit coil gun. This bad boy shoots bullets on pure electricity and can shoot up to 85 km/hr. Daniel's specs: Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots. Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! ...more

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