How To : Fly a powered paraglider trike

This video series is a must for anyone thinking of paragliding at all but especially powered paragliding. Our expert, Hugh Murphy, is the owner of his own para gliding company and he will walk you through every aspect of a powered paragliding trike from getting into the harnes ...more

How To : Draw a paraglider on a computer

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a paraglider on a computer. Start by drawing an oval for the head and attach it with a torso. Now draw the hands in the gliding position. Draw a flat oval and connect it with legs. Now draw the parachute and connect it with the ...more

How To : Fold a paraglider

Mr. Kagayama demonstrates how to fold a paraglider. He shows your how to avoid bending the profiles in leading edge. This will allow you to fold it yourself, without help, even in a windy day.

News : Slackline Record Holder Very Nearly Buys the Farm

Slacklining is an *extreme-nut* sport of balance. It is a version of "tightrope walking" across great heights (note: distinct difference from tightrope: the rope is not as taut, but more elastic, trampoline-like). Christian Schou currently holds the Guinness World Record titl ...more

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