How To : Improve your butterfly stroke with Steve Parry

Steve Parry, Olympic bronze medallist in the 200m, demonstrates tips to improve your butterfly. Everything is broken down to improving the fundamentals. Work on just the kick, just the stroke with one arm, then the stroke with the other arm, etc. Follow along with this swimmin ...more

How To : Counter Parry-Riposte in fencing

After a series of quarte disengage attacks, Bijan takes several counter-ripostes before finishing with a fleche. (For those striving for perfection--He's too close when I'm coming forward/hand is too far back in his sixte parry & he's not fully stretched in the fleche--Aside f ...more

How To : Parry and defend in foil fencing

Parry like a Renaissance fencer; learn defense tips for fencing, including riposte, parry, upward and downward binds, reassemblement, and more in this free video on foil fencing defense. Part 1 of 16 - How to Parry and defend in foil fencing. Parry and defend in foil fencing - ...more

How To : Parry and defend in sabre fencing

Learn sabre parry and defense moves in sabre fencing, including beat touch, missed attack, and more with expert fencing tips in this free sabre fencing video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Parry and defend in sabre fencing. Parry and defend in sabre fencing - Part 2 of 15. Clic ...more

News : Megaphone Parry Grip - LEGO Music Video

This odd music video seems to be based on a true story. The story of massive film festival disappointment was created into a song called Parry's Gripp's Gripe. You can read al the bloody details here.

How To : Get the 'Mind Over Matter' Achievement

If you were to read the achievements list for Infinity Blade II, you'd come across a rather peculiar one called 'Mind Over Matter'. To get this one, you have to defeat an enemy without attacking him. Say what? Over on the Epic Games forums, user AzrinRain (Who also captured t ...more

How To : Do advanced sabre fencing

Learn how to lunge, parry, riposte, maneuver, and all about advanced sabre fencing in sabre fencing with expert fencing tips in this free video series on advanced sabre fencing. Part 1 of 19 - How to Do advanced sabre fencing. Do advanced sabre fencing - Part 2 of 19. Click th ...more

News : Can Lying Make You a Better Person?

Psychology Today's Elizabeth Svoboda presents an interesting argument on the merits of no holds barred truth telling versus the social sensitivity involved in telling little white lies. Svoboda poses that while truth tellers may rest easy at night, brutal honesty can have nega ...more

How To : Defend against the right hand

In another installment of its boxing series, Rival Boxing Gear experts show, how to defend and counter-punch against a right hand punch. This video shows viewers three basic techniques for defending against the right hand punch: the parry, the block, and the slip. It also demo ...more

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