Pen Dart

How To : Make a blow pen dart gun with household items

You may not know it, but common household items can be manipulated to make various gadgets and tools. But they can also be used to create dangerous weapons. In this tutorial, you will find out how to make a blow pen dart gun using common household items. Now, before attemtping ...more

How To : Make an extreme dart launcher

See how to make an extreme dart launcher! It's a fun way to shoot darts... with office supplies, you can make this simple dart launcher. It's very fun, and you hit the bull's eye most of the time. To make the dart gun, you will need a rubber band, pen, dart, and binder clip. ...more

How To : Make a Support Halter Top

To make a support halter top shirt, you will need: Pattern for a basic bodice Draft paper or newspaper Yardstick Pen or pencil Scissors Cotton fabric 2 foam bra cups Matching thread Watch the following video for visual instructions, and make sure to reference the text below. ...more

How To : Build a compressed air powered dart gun

You need canned air like Dust Off, a needle, a pen and an eraser to make this crafty dart gun that's powered by compressed air! This is quite the powerful dart gun. You can also use to shoot spitballs. It's Dust Off powered dart launcher that you can make from stuff found in a ...more

How To : Make a blow dart

Simple materials. Pin. Bic Pen. Shoe lace. This basic weapon of urban terrorism is dangerous, but so satisfying. The distance it can travel, however is limited.

How To : Make a Mini Cannon From a Lighter

I love this project. It involves fire, projectiles, electricity, and is easy to put together from commonly available parts. This mini cannon fires airsoft pellets, is fueled by alcohol, and is made almost entirely from parts found in a standard BBQ lighter. The total cost is u ...more

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