How To : Put a finish on wood to pop the grain

Learn about different finishes. In this video, the Wood Whisperer puts the finish on a pencil holder. It's not just any finish. Since we are working with a beautiful curly maple, the finish deserves a little extra special attention. Learn how to pop the grain.

How To : Make a simple pencil holder

In this video tutorial, viewers will learn how to make a simple pencil holder. This is a child's art and crafts activity. The video provides all the materials that are required in order to make the pencil holder. The materials required include: a toilet paper tube, paint, pain ...more

How To : Fold an origami two-cup pencil holder

This how-to video show you how to make an origami two-cup pencil holder. The narrator explains that you will need one eight and a half inch by 11 inch piece of office paper. This video show everything you need to know from folding every single predrawn line and reversing them, ...more

How To : Make a notebook pencil holder

This is a detailed explanation on a particular step of an earlier project "Moleksine Notebook Mods". This is my first time working with a video explainer so I'm happy to take comments on whether this is useful, if some voice over would be better, maybe text on the video. The a ...more

How To : Make wooden pencil holders

Woodworking just isn't satisfying unless you have someone to recieve what you've made. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful pencil holder out of pieces of wood. These make great gifts for the holidays.

How To : Make a wooden pencil holder

This video covers the construction and assembly of a decorative pencil holder. These make great gifts and are excellent for utilizing scrap. This video is for the more experienced woodworker, knowledge of tools is required. To apply a beautiful finish on the pencil holder, see ...more

News : Pencil Holder from Paper Towel Rolls

The pencil holder's design uses about two paper towel rolls, but thicker than what you would usually see. This pencil holder has 3 compartments with all different heights. Corrugated cardboard bottom and used Elmer's white glue, a trusted brand. It could hold more than 35 penc ...more

How To : Make a rotating pencil holder with Crayola

Create a rotating 4-sided pencil holder that tells what's up at your desk. Is it a homework zone? An art zone? Are you Homework FREE? Learn how you and your kids can make a cool pencil holder that announces what is going on in your room with this arts and crafts tutorial. You ...more

How To : Apply a maple finish to a wooden pencil holder

End grain wood is very absorbent to whatever material that is applied to it. In this how to video you will learn how to apply shellac, a maple transtint coloring agent and a topcoat to end grain wood for a beautiful maple finish.

How To : Origami a cute grannysmith apple

Get ready for Teacher's Day or simply show your teacher how much you care by making one of these cute as a button grannysmith apples. Apple-shaped pencil holders and notepads are sweet, but these origami apples show you took a bit of time out of your busy day to really make so ...more

How To : Make a schoolyard chic scissors holder with kids

With inflation making even simple household wares like cups and pencil holders going for $10 a pop, it's easy to see how attractive making your own home essentials is. In this kids project, you and your kid will learn how to create a schoolyard chic scissor holder out of thin ...more

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