How To : Transplant perennial irises

In this video series, learn how to transplant your plants. With expert advice from Amanda Kantor, you can start to rearrange your garden. Amanda uses irises as her perennial example; however, you can use other perennial plants as well. Learn how to avoid the risk of transplant ...more

How To : Prepare your perennials for the winter

This how to video shows you what to do to prepare your perennials for their winter sleep. Dave teaches you methods to cover of cut back your perennial plants. Make sure your plants are safe during the cold winter months with tips from this tutorial.

How To : Design a perennial garden

In this series of gardening videos, our perennial plant expert Martha Cycz tells you how to design a great looking garden that is healthy and inexpensive. She discusses how to tell if your plants are getting enough sun and how to determine if you have left enough space for the ...more

How To : Start a perennial garden

Our gardening expert will explain how to set up your perfect perennial plant business. Learn which plants go together, how to position the plants for just the right amount of sun, and how to determine if your adjustment has been successful. Are the flowers, shrubs and grasses ...more

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