Perform Hyperloop Poi Spins

How To : Perform hyperloop poi spins

If you want to do orbitals and some of the more advanced poi spinning moves, then you'll need to know how to do hyperloops. Check it out in this video.

How To : Do basic hyperloop poi spins

Hyperloops are also known as Tangles and are considered an isolation move. This is not a hard move and here are many different ways to do this so try and learn it forwards and backwards and every which way. Check out the additional movies for different vantage points. Do basic ...more

How To : Perform the two beat corkscrew poi trick

In this instructional video for beginners and intermediates, learn how to perform the two beat corkscrew spinning trick. This poi lesson explains what should be your first move in the ceiling and floor plane, the basic 2 beat corkscrew, and a few variations to keep things fres ...more

How To : Perform butterfly low reels for poi

Perform butterfly low reels for poi with tips from this how-to video. This poi video is for beginners. To perform butterfly low reels, you must first know how to do basic butterfly spinning for poi. This move is very cool and will lead to some wonderful things once you've comp ...more

How To : Perform butterfly high reels for poi

Perform butterfly high reels for poi beginners. To do this poi move, it is a prerequisite that you know how to do the basic butterfly, spinning, and butterfly low reels. In this how-to video, learn about butterfly high reels. Follow this quick example of combinations and what ...more

How To : Perform the three beat weave poi move

Check out this how-to video to perform three beat weave poi. This poi lesson is for beginners who already know how to spin the two beat weave. The three beat weave poi move is an essential component of your poi twirling move-base. It'll be used a lot, so you should learn how t ...more

How To : Perform buzzsaw transitions and shortening poi

Check out this how-to video to learn buzzsaw transitions and shortening your poi. To shorten your poi, you need to open and close your hand at various points. Watch this poi video to learn more. This is another video outside of the lesson plan that is designed primarily to he ...more

How To : Spin the low same-irection reels poi trick

Watch this instructional poi video tutorial to leran how to spin the Low Same-Direction Reels trick. This video is for beginners who have conquered basic spinning techniques. This lesson offers a viewpoint on the very diverse and essential range of moves called reels. Reels ar ...more

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