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How To : Properly tune the gears on your mountain bike

Performing regular maintenance on your bike is something that should be done to help extend the life. Not doing so can result in pieces working improperly, falling off, or lead to injury. For this video tutorial, you'll find out what you need to do in order to tune your gears ...more

How To : Fine tune the gears on your mountain bike

If your mountain bike chain keeps falling off, there may be numerous problems that are going on. In this next video tutorial, you'll find out one solution for making sure that your gears are fine tuned and that your chain won't keep falling off. It's not too hard to perform an ...more

How To : Pop a wheelie on a mountain bike

Let's start with the bike: The most important thing on your bike, is your brake system, you will need the brake lever on your handle bars. When performing a wheelie, this will help you control speed and prevent you from falling on your butt. Your rear brake has to function pro ...more

How To : Maintain your mountain bike properly

You can learn how to maintain your mountain bike for peak performance and you need the following: a bike-mounted tool bag, tire lever set, two replacement inner tubes, puncture repair kit, spare chain links, a chain splitter, a folding allen wrench and screwdriver set, and a s ...more

How To : Jump a mountain bike

This brief instructional video will help you learn to jump your mountain bike as well as add more skill and control to your mountain biking. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear any time you ride a bike and especially when you are learning a new and/or applying a n ...more

How To : Set up your mountain bike

This tech tip shows you how to set up your mountain bike to achieve optimal performance on the trail. This is a very instructive close up video.

How To : Ride a mountain bike out out on the trails

After watching this video you will have a better understanding of this sport and how to ride your bike in the best way possible. Balance is key to solid bike riding. The girls go over fore and aft movement, side-to-side lateral movement, and up/down movement which is used for ...more

How To : Understand the parts of a mountain bike

In this video, we learn how to understand the parts of a mountain bike. First, grab your mountain bike and go to the front of it. The front starts with the handle bars, brake levers, shifter, cord, tire, rim, spokes, and brakes. In the back, there is: a crank, rig railer, fron ...more

How To : Descend on your mountain bike with Greg Minnaar

Let World Champion and Bikeskills instructor, Greg Minnaar help you become a better, safer descender on your mountain bike by watching this video tutorial on mountain biking. Always wear appropriate cycling safety gear when riding, especially when learning or applying a new sk ...more

How To : Install tubeless tires on a mountain bike

Using a tubeless tire system on your mountain bike is a great idea. It decreases the number of parts on your bike that can brake, which is good news for any rider. This video features a professional bike mechanic installing a Stan's Tubeless system on a standard set of bike ti ...more

How To : Set up the rear suspension on a mountain bike

Rear suspension bikes are the bikes of choice for most hardcore mountain bikers. This video features a professional mountain bike rider offering a quick tip on how to set the rear suspension of your bike properly to give it the right amount of travel and maximize its effective ...more

How To : Install the rear brake hose on your mountain bike

While the front brakes get all the love and attention, the back brakes of your mountain bike are nearly just as important and more difficult to install. You have to run the hose all the way across the bike without it getting in the way of your feet or any other parts of the bi ...more

How To : Adjust the front derailleur on a mountain bike

Unlike rear derailleurs, which are very complicated and come in at least two very different styles, front derailleurs are pretty standard across manufacturers. That means you only have to watch this one video to learn how to adjust them! It features a professional mountain bik ...more

Repair your mountain bike : Rear derailer

This video shows you everything you need to know to repair your mountain bikes rear derailer. From dismantling, to putting it back together, position the chain, cutting the chain, releasing the cable, and giving your bike the love it needs. This is an extensive, yet easy to fo ...more

How To : Change a mountain bike tire

In this video, we learn how to change a mountain bike tire. Start by shifting the rear cassette to the smallest gear. Then, remove quick release and remove the wheel. After this, remove the tire with tire levers or strong fingers, then check inside the tire rim for foreign obj ...more

How To : Adjust a rear derailleur on a mountain bike

In this tutorial, we learn how to adjust a rear derailleur on a mountain bike. First, get on the bike and start to ride it like normal, except have it mounted into one place. Then, shift the front derailleur into middle gear and the rear derailleur to the smallest gear. After ...more

How To : Tell if your mountain bike's chain is worn out

One of the most important pieces of a mountain bike, or any bike for that matter, is the bicycle chain. Without the chain, you can't move your bike and that's a problem. In this tutorial, you'll find out what tools you'll need to check the strength of your bike chain and whet ...more

How To : Install the chainring on a mountain bike

The chainring is without a doubt the most intimidating part of a bicycle. It looks like a ninja star from hell, and working with it can be difficult. This video features a professional mountain bike mechanic demonstrating how to install a chainring on your bike yourself. If yo ...more

How To : Change a mountain bike tire out on the trail

This video shows you how to quickly change a mountain bike tire out on the trail. Remove the wheel from the fork. The tools you need are a pump, mini tool, a patch kit, a lever, and a spare tube. Remove the valve nut. Position the lever under the bead of the tire and work it ...more

How To : Adjust a front derailleur on a mountain bike

The video is about adjusting the front derailleur of a performance bike. To adjust the front derailleur you have to first adjust the rear derailleur to the smallest gear. To adjust the front derailleur shift the gear to the largest. If it does not slip into largest gear then a ...more

How To : Do mountain bike suspensions system maintenance

Learn about mountain bike suspension systems and how to maintain your bike. Mickey Denoncourt takes you through all the parts and repair. Part 1 of 31 - How to Do mountain bike suspensions system maintenance. Do mountain bike suspensions system maintenance - Part 2 of 31. Clic ...more

How To : Fix mechanical parts of a mountain bike

Sometimes things just go wrong with bikes. It is a mechanical device with moving parts after all so maintenance is needed regularly and in this video clip series some of the most common failings of mountain bikes is addressed. This includes the chain, the shifter and the derai ...more

How To : Pack and ship a mountain bike

In this video, Michael Novelli explains what materials you need and the procedures you should follow to pack a mountain bike and ship it without damaging it. Part 1 of 15 - How to Pack and ship a mountain bike. Pack and ship a mountain bike - Part 2 of 15. Click through to wat ...more

How To : Downhill mountain bike on steep terrain

In this series of extreme sports videos, our expert mountain biker will explain and demonstrate braking techniques for downhill mountain biking. He will show you the proper body position and braking techniques for slowing down or stopping when you need to. Part 1 of 15 - How t ...more

How To : Maintain your mountain bike

In this video series, let Mickey Denoncourt show you how to do some simple bicycle repair jobs. He illustrates how to change, handlebars, tires, pedals, and seats. Mickey also gives you tips on how to pick mountain biking shoes. With his advice, you can make a bike that unique ...more

How To : Setup a DH mountain bike for racing

In this downhill racing video series, learn how to prepare for downhill cycling from DH expert Mickey Denoncourt. Mickey will show you how to adjust mountain bikes for downhill racing, how to position handlebars, how to adjust seat height and angle for DH racing, how to adjust ...more

How To : Perform four great stretches before a bike ride

If you're a beginner when it comes to cycling or just enjoy taking a nice bike ride, something that should not be ignored is stretching. Stretching is a smart and safe thing to do before do anything athletic. It prevents the chances that you will suffer from any type of injury ...more

How To : Perform the flatten tire prank on a person's bike

For this next prank tutoril, you'll be finding out how to give someone a prank tire, without having to poke a hole in the tire. It involves putting an object inside the cap of the bike's tire. This is used to help release the air from the tire, resulting in the flat tire. It's ...more

News : The Amazing, Amazing Danny MacAskill

Scotland's Danny MacAskill first came to the world's attention in April 2009 when his roommate uploaded a video of his insane mountain bike stunts. The video amassed more than 350,000 views in the first forty hours it was uploaded. Six months later, the video now has over ten ...more

How To : Pump and flow in mountain biking

Mountain bike tips, how-to's and techniques from Shaums March (MMR Camps). Pull up and push down on rollers and holes to keep momentum going in the mountains. Part 1 of 2 - How to Pump and flow in mountain biking. Part 2 of 2 - How to Pump and flow in mountain biking.

How To : Perform an off-set cone weave on a motorcycle

Learn how to ride a motorcycle by performing the off-set cone weave. The off-set cone weave is one of the skills you will need to perform on a bike to pass the Alternate M.O.S.T. test. The tutorial shows you the layout for the off-set cone weave test and how to perform it on a ...more

How To : Check if your bike's bearings are worn

If you need an easy way to determine whether your bike's bearings are worn, this tutorial should help. You'll need to suspend your bike in the air using either a stand or hanging it from the roof. It's an easy method that doesn't require any extra tools and will help determin ...more

How To : Perform a manual on a BMX bicycle

BMX: Catch Some Air If Ernest Michaux, inventor of the modern bicycle, could see what people are doing with his creation, he'd freak out. The art of creative biking has never been more challenging and rewarding than it is now. Check out the tricks for a guide to BMX mayhem. W ...more

How To : Do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bicycle

Check out this video tutorial on how to do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bicycle. Your BMX instructor will go through the basic steps of how to do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bike, along with a few cool out-takes for you to enjoy. Basically, the bike hope to manua ...more

How To : Stay fueled and eat right for mountain biking

Proper nutrition is an important part of every strenuous sport, and mountain biking is no exception. This video features a professional mountain bike racer walking you through her nutritional regimen. Topics covered include when to eat before a race, what to eat, and what beve ...more

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