How To : Make perilla leaf kimchi and perilla leaf pickles

Perilla leaf is a great herb that has so many uses. For one, it can be mixed with different spices and seeds to make a great side dish, can be used to make tea, and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. This tutorial will show you two ways on how to use the herb. One will ...more

News : Use Blood for Pancakes, Sausages, Desserts & More

Cooking with animal blood is as old as civilization itself. I promise that your ancient ancestors, no matter where you're from, didn't have the luxury of throwing away any part of the animal, including the very lifeblood that used to run through it. Animal blood, along with ev ...more

How To : Use basil after the season is over

We next visit the farm, where the real production takes place. They are growing some unusual items. Several herbs, like Shiso or Perilla (Perilla frutescens) are available in green or red varieties. They have a very unique flavor, almost nutty with a touch of citrus and a very ...more

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