Pilates Plank

How To : Do the Short Plank pilates exercise

Short Plank is derived from original pilates exercises in order to teach proper abdominal and torso support in the push up position. The exercise in this how to video will strengthen your core, strengthen your shoulder girdle stabilizers and target the deep muscles of the abdo ...more

How To : Do the plank with leg lifts pilates exercise

Katherine and Kimberly Corp show you how to do the short plank with leg lifts pilates exercise in this how-to video. This exercise is used to develop core stability and balance as well as build a strong foundation for proper push-ups.

How To : Do various pilate ball exercises

Get the most out of your Pilates ball, by picking up a few of these Pilates exercises outlined in this tutorial by Pilates instructor Ann Arnoult. For stability, do the plank exercise with your feet on the ball and your hands on the floor which forces you to use your abdominal ...more

How To : Avoid back pain with back-strengthening exercises

Your core - or, according to the discipline of pilates, your powerhouse - is the point from which all you movements originate. That's why it is vital to maintain a strong, healthy core that helps reduce lower back strain and chances of injury. This video goes over the top thr ...more

How To : Do pilates reformer exercises

In this series of health and fitness videos you’ll learn how to use a pilates reformer and several exercises you can do with the machine. Expert April Plank shows you how to do a number of pilates exercises, including leg circles, bicep curls, roll backs, and Y position exerci ...more

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