How To : Look like a broken doll for Halloween

Cover brows with wax or glue stick and concealer that is a lot lighter than your skin). Place some of the much lighter concealer under your eyes. Stroke concealer all over face for an extra layer. Apply full coverage foundation. Set makeup with powder. Use something that'll lo ...more

How To : Do a quick easy everyday look, for an older woman

This video is a makeup tutorial by Image Consultant Sharon Connolly, showing us how to look younger and more polished in just five minutes a day. First, line your eyes using liquid eyeliner. Rest your knuckle on your cheek for better control, keep your eyes open, and try to g ...more

How To : Apply ice princess pink shades with your makeup

In this video, we learn how to apply ice princess pink shades with your makeup. First, apply a white cream pencil to the inner eyelid and underneath the eyebrow, then blend in. Next, take a white cream color and brush it on the inside of the lid and around the entire eyelid. N ...more

How To : Make a Bellini

Invented in 1948 at Harry's Bar in Venice, the Bellini's name honors the sheer pink shades in the work of Italian painter Giovanni Bellini. It's also a great drink to celebrate slightly lesser art forms—like, say, brunch.

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