Placenta Out

How To : Avoid child birth delivery problems for the mother

The mother's body can be the source of delivery complications like placenta previa or uterine rupture. If delivery problems do occur, your doctor can usually help you manage these childbirth complications with medication or an emergency cesarean section. Health Guru is a site ...more

How To : Deliver a baby like a professional OBGYN

This video shows you how to deliver a baby. There are several steps. The first one is labor and it comes in various time frames. Once dilated to 10 centimeters, the mother will begin to push. Then, the baby's head crowns, which spreads and stretches the labia apart. After th ...more

How To : Deliver a baby in an emergency situation

The miracle of life is a beautiful thing, in theory. Delivering a baby in person is a messy and intense experience. If you ever find yourself needing to help with an emergency delivery keep your wits and these tips in mind. Step 1: Put down some sheets Put down some sheets, ...more

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