How To : Calculate your carbon footprint

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to calculate your carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is an equation that estimates just how much you, personally, are contributing to global warming—and all you have to do is plug some info into an online calculator. Figuring out how to ...more

How To : Plant tree ferns

Follow Monty and Joe's simple step-by-step video advice to planting up the tree fern, Dicksonia Antarctica. Follow these Gardeners' World step-by-step guides to garden projects from the BBC. These lovely tutorials on gardening will grow your green thumb and make your gardens ...more

News : These Beautiful Chairs Are Grown, Not Made

For anyone who has spent an entire afternoon attempting to assemble a set of IKEA chairs, these wooden masterpieces probably seem pretty appealing. British furniture maker Gavin Munro has found a way to create interesting, yet functional pieces by planting tree shoots, guidin ...more

How To : Attract birds to your backyard

Quit hogging your own backyard. Make it a haven for your fine feathered friends. Learn how to attract birds to your yard. You Will Need * Undisturbed trees or shrubs large enough to provide bird shelter * Native plants that provide seeds, berries, and nectar * A water source ...more

How To : Plant flowering trees and tree shrubs with Lowe's

This video describes how to plant a tree which is useful for home owners looking to improve their lawn or backyard and for those interested in landscape. In this video one will learn how to plant trees properly, insure a healthy start and maintain the trees. For example when c ...more

How To : Plant a tree outside your home to save energy

You may not realize it, but saving energy is as easy as planting a tree. Literally. Finding a great shade tree for a certain area outside your home, can help save energy in your home by offering some free shade during hot summer days. In this next conservation tutorial, you'l ...more

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