Play Dobro Slide Guitar

How To : Play Dobro slide guitar

Learn how to play Dobro slide guitar music in these free online guitar lessons. Get tips on strings and alternate guitar tunings in these free music videos. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play Dobro slide guitar. Play Dobro slide guitar - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video ...more

How To : Play dobro slide acoustic guitar

Play dobro slide acoustic guitar. Ed Dowling, author of Understanding Open Tunings has been playing guitar in open tunings for 39 years. He builds his own guitars and has released five albums of slide and bluegrass music. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play dobro slide acoustic guitar. ...more

How To : Play a slide dobro guitar

Playing dobro guitar involves using a slide made of steel or brass to sound notes on the fretboard, instead of the traditional method of pressing down with the fingers. In these online guitar lessons on video, learn techniques to play acoustic slide guitar music. Part 1 of 19 ...more

How To : Play acoustic slide guitar

In this video Joseph Paul demonstrates how to play slide guitar. Slides come in either metal or glass, metal being preferable because it doesn’t break if you drop it. Slides are usually worn on the pinky finger but you can use any finger that is comfortable. Lay the slide f ...more

How To : Play basic slide guitar

Grab your acoustic guitar, strap, and your pick and check out this free guitar lesson. This video tutorial will teach you rock or country rock guitarists how to play a a basic slide guitar. If you're not familiar with the slide, than you need to watch this instructional lesson ...more

How To : Play basic slide guitar techniques

In this video clip series our expert, Rick Tobey, will introduce you to blues guitar by demonstrating commonly used scales, box patterns, shuffle patterns, chord progressions and other great tips for paying slide blues guitar. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play basic slide guitar tech ...more

How To : Play "Lonesome Atlanta Blues" on slide guitar

Bottleneck slide guitar is based on an early one string folk instrument called the Diddley-Bow, and the traditional playing style of Hawaiian Guitar. The early Blues Masters of the 1920s and 30s, would place a bottleneck from a wine bottle, or a short piece of metal pipe on th ...more

How To : Play "Slide Away" by Oasis on guitar

Love rock music and playing guitar? If so then this video is just for you. Follow simple step by step instructions to learn how to play the acoustic version of Slide Away by the famous band Oasis. The maker or host of the video explains what chords to use for the song, and all ...more

How To : Play a Delta blues-style slide riff on guitar

Popularized by artists like Son House and Skip James, Delta blues is not only one of the oldest forms of blues music, it is among the most stylistically distinct and technically rewarding to play. In this video guitar lesson from YouTube user deltabluestips, you'll learn how t ...more

How To : Play "Someday Baby" by Sleepy John Estes on Guitar

Sleepy John Estes is known as one of the masters of Delta Blues, so when learning to play the blues, he's a good place to start with. In this video lesson, see how to play the song "Somday Baby" by Estes on your blues guitar in an Open G tuning with a slide. Estes was born in ...more

How To : Get started playing slide guitar

In this guitar lesson, learn how to play basic slide guitar. With the guitar, as with any other instrument, if you want to improve, you'll need to practice. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with free, high-quality guitar lessons like this one. For more information, and to ge ...more

How To : Play a sliding 9th chord on a blues guitar

In this video, we learn how to play blues guitar: a sliding 9th chord. First, play a G9 chord, where you will here all of the chords around it as you play. You can slide this chord around one or two frets to hear different sounds come from it. It's a great vehicle to slide up ...more

How To : Play a G minor pentatonic riff on electric guitar

To play a guitar riff is to do more than simply to memorize a short musical phrase. Guitar riffs are like any other musical exercise; practicing them can be a terrific means of building manual dexterity and improving your overall playing technique. We can say of riffs, then, t ...more

How To : Play a guitar lick in a major key

If you are looking for some new licks to incorporate into your solos on the electric guitar, then this how to video is a great place to start. In this guitar lesson you will learn how to play a major lick. This riff outlines chord shapes and uses slides to create a pedal slide ...more

How To : Do funky grooves on your guitar

In this video, we learn how to play guitar: Funk Grooves. First, learn how to slide your finger from the ninth chord using the third bar. As you do this, it will create a groove in your music that is unique and very "funky". Once you learn how to do this, you will be able to m ...more

How To : Play Hendrix chords and double stops

This video lesson is about some basic chord ideas I learned from listening to Hendrix. Let’s start with a basic version of C, the bar chord version. This is a inversion of the chord C major. It is a favorite of Hendrix and many other guitar players. If I wanted to play D, I wo ...more

How To : Play practical jokes using your guitar

In this video, we learn how to play practical jokes using your guitar. The first trick is called the jack in the box. First, take your pick and put it in between your strings and slide it down. Then, put your hand over it and play the jack in the box song. The next trick is to ...more

How To : Get started playing slide guitar

A step-by-step video tutorial presented by Andrew Wasson shows the basics of playing the slide guitar for beginners. First, choose what kind of slide you want. Metal slides are known for their high-end treble sound, while glass slides are a little warmer sounding. Andrew goes ...more

How To : Mod a PS2 slim

This is a tutorial showing you how to mod a ps2 slim. This will allow you to play backups as well as Guitar Hero 2 customs. If you want to learn how to make your own copy I might put up a video for that. This tutorial also shows the swap trick in action. -I am not responsible ...more

How To : Play A Simple Blues Lead Guitar Lick

There is a lot of mystery and voodoo surrounding blues guitar these days. With the common opinion claiming that in order to play the blues you have to really feel the music and respond with your playing. While this is certainly the case when improvising, I would argue that a g ...more

How To : Play basic slides on the ukulele

The ukulele is a beautiful and unique stringed instrument that is perfect for the traveling musician because it is so portable and relatively inexpensive. The ukelele is a version of a small guitar that originated in Hawaii. In this tutorial you will learn how to play slides o ...more

How To : Play "Creep" by Radiohead on electric guitar

In this video, we learn how to play "Creep" by Radiohead on electric guitar. Start on a G chord, then play B, C, and Cm. These are the only chords you will play through the entire song while doing a simple strum through the song. You will need to slide from one chord to the ot ...more

How To : Play "High and Dry" by Radiohead on guitar

TboneWilson1978 shows how to play "High and Dry" by Radiohead on guitar. The intro of the song plays on the 11th fret on the fifth string and then on the 13th fret on the third string. Mute your fourth string and the second. Slide down to nine fret then back up to the second. ...more

How To : Dive into playing the blues

Most beginners ask how to break away from basic chords and get new ideas. Check out this instructional guitar video that shows you various ways into playing the blues. The first tutorial video uses a mix of simple chord animations and video footage in an attempt to show how si ...more

How To : Make an Electric Cigar Box Guitar for $25

A large number of the greatest musicians to ever shape the history of sound first learned to play on cheap, dirty, and often times even homemade instruments. There is a very unique atmosphere that comes about when creating music with something made by your own hands—out of wha ...more

How To : Hold a guitar pick with the NYC Guitar School

In this how to video, you will learn how to hold a guitar pick. This is useful if you want to successfully rock out. A pick is a triangular piece of plastic. First, lay the back of the pick into the crease of your index finger. Next, lay your thumb perpendicularly across the b ...more

How To : Change the actives pickups battery on a guitar

The guy in the video starts out explaining that, over time, his guitar has started to sound a little funny. He thought maybe it was a cord or wire shorting out, but it turned out to be the battery. He shows us how to change that battery. You are going to need a Philips head sc ...more

How To : Play "Summertime" in D minor on guitar

Although mainly demonstrational, this video shows you how to play a song "Summertime" in D minor on guitar. This video is intended for advanced players who learn easily by watching or listening. Read the useful tips posted below to aid your guitar learning: This is a loose an ...more

How To : 15 Tips to Make You a Google Calendar Pro

Whether scheduling meetings, events, tasks, or even keeping tabs on the weather, a good digital calendar can help you stay on top of your game in ways that a normal calendar could never do. Indeed, there are many calendars to choose from, but Google Calendar is one of the best ...more

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