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How To : Do the dead body launcher glitch in Gears of War 2

Do you play Gears of War 2 online? Have you ever wanted to execute someone in midair? Who hasn't? This video will show you how to do it using the dead body launcher glitch. Well, you won't see it, but the host will! Who doesn't like messing with the host of their game, especia ...more

How To : Survive the RAAM's Shadow DLC in Gears of War 3

This week saw the release of Gears of War 3's most extensive DLC to date: RAAM's Shadow. Having played the first hour or so of the single-player component, I have to say that it is very good. The story serves as a prequel to the first game in the series, taking place right aft ...more

How To : Play war

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to play war. Not only is War a great way to pass the time with a friend, but it's so easy to learn that both children and adults can play. You Will Need * A deck of cards * Two players Step 1. Deal the cards Shuffle the deck and deal ...more

How To : Beat Gears of War - Act 3 - Belly Of The Beast

This video walkthrough shows you how to beat Belly of the Beast, the third Act, of Gears of War for the XBox 360 on insane difficulty. The video also includes a voiceover to guide you through some strategies. Part 1 of 8 - How to Beat Gears of War - Act 3 - Belly Of The Beast. ...more

How To : Beat Gears of War - Act 5 - Desperation

This video walkthrough shows you how to beat Desperation, the fifth and final Act, of Gears of War for the XBox 360 on insane difficulty. The video also includes a voiceover to guide you through some strategies and covers a strategy for defeating RAAM, the final boss. Part 1 o ...more

How To : Beat Gears of War - Act 4 - The Long Road Home

This video walkthrough shows you how to beat The Long Road Home, the fourth Act of Gears of War for the XBox 360 on insane difficulty. The video also includes a voiceover to guide you through some strategies. Part 1 of 4 - How to Beat Gears of War - Act 4 - The Long Road Home. ...more

How To : Earn the 'Onyx Medal' achievement in Gears of War 3

Want to unlock a mutator and the 'Onyx Medal' achievement in Gears of War 3? This is the quickest way to unlock the Onyx Medal and requires you to enter the campaign in insane mode in arcade on Act 3 Chapter 1. You'll want to use the one-shot for this!

How To : Use the new weapons in Gears of War 3 effectively

This IGN guide features a preview of each of the different weapons that have been introduced into Gears of War 3 including the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the One-Shot, the Retro Lancer, and the Silverback armored mech. The segment also details the best situations to make the most out ...more

How To : Defeat Tempest - the final boss in Gears of War 3

Trying to take out Tempest, the last boss fight in Gears of War 3? You'll find her in Act 5, Chapter 6 of the game. Take a look at this gameplay video to find out just exactly what you'll need to do to defeat her and beat Gears of War 3! Be careful, the ending of Gears of War ...more

How To : Hack & mod Gears of War Old Skool style

In this walkthrough we show the hacks and mods that can be done in GoW. Gears of War is a fantastic RPG and an award winning game. It was voted the best game of 2006. Find out using the old patch how to cheat and hack your way through Gears of War. Note: This isn't the latest ...more

How To : Do the runaway chainsaw glitch in Gears of War 2

The runaway chainsaw family of glitches for Gears of War 2 enable the player to chainsaw a target to death instantly, without having to wait through the tedious process of watching their victim being sawed in half vertically. This video will teach you how to use the glitch in ...more

How To : Glitch under the Security map in Gears of War 2

It seems that almost every multiplayer map in Gears of War 2 has a secret glitch-based way of getting underneath it. This video is a tutorial on how to do just one of these glitches. It will show you how to get under the Security multiplayer map using a barrier breaker glitch.

How To : Barrier break glitch easily in Gears of War 2

There are several types of barrier breaker glitches in Gears of War 2. The one described in this video might be the easiest one of all. It will allow you to escape from many multiplayer maps. The only caveat is that this won't work if you are hosting the game. Simple, get one ...more

How To : Draw Grenadier from "Gears of War" on Photoshop

There's nothing quite like drawing a venemous villian trying to throw a bomb at you to awaken your senses and get your fingers flexible for the drawing-filled day ahead. If you love drawing figures from video games and would like to improve your depiction of action poses, che ...more

How To : Melee in Gears of War

This video demonstrates how to select your weapon in Gears. The video walks you through switching weapons and performing melee attacks with different weapons.

How To : Teach a dog to play tug of war

Some trainers argue that playing tug of war is not healthy for a dog. It can be a battle of strength between a dog and owner, that the dog might think they control. However, tug of war can be a great way to train a dog a release command that can be useful in day to day situati ...more

News : Little Dog Gears Up For War

The web's favorite robotics company, MIT's Boston Dynamics, never fails to instill truly  animal-like qualities into its famed creations. We giggled (slightly guiltily) when poor Big Dog took a tumble on the ice. Now as we watch Little Dog climb, cautious as a puppy, and subse ...more

How To : Play the "Relentless" level in COD: World at War

Learn the ins and outs of the popular Xbox 360 video game Call of Duty: World at War. This first-person shooter video game is also available on Windows computers, Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 2, and Playstation 3, but nothing compares to the bloody close quarter combat on the ...more

How To : Play "Happy Xmas" by John Lennon on guitar

If you want to play the guitar well, you have to learn from the masters, like John Lennon. Learn how to play "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon on the guitar with this tutorial. This lesson focuses on the strumming pattern, and chord structure of the song "Happy Xmas." ...more

How To : Flash BenQ Xbox 360 Drives to Play XDG3 Back-ups

Gamers who have their Xbox 360's firmware flashed may have recently noticed an inability to play backups, or even make backups of newer games that have come out: Gears of War 3 and Dead Island, to name a few. This is because Microsoft has come out with a new disc format to fi ...more

News : Shadows of The Dammed Review

Shadows of the Dammed (360/PS3) is a polarizing game. It's not shy of being crass and crude. Go ahead and judge the game by the following examples (click to enlarge): The game is a giant penis joke. This is an official trailer for the game.. Now, with what you have seen, choos ...more

News : An Illuminated Glossary of Video Game Genres

Like the press covering film and many other specialized fields, video game journalists use all sorts of jargon to convey to their knowledgable readers as much information about a game as quickly as possible. For non or newbie gamers, this can be extremely confusing. Those of ...more

How To : Play Almost Any PSP Game on Your Android Phone

If you really want to play Gran Turismo or Castlevania on the go, Sony's PlayStation Portable is a great way to do it. But it gets harder and harder to justify carrying around a PSP handheld gaming console when you've got an equally powerful Android phone in your pocket alread ...more

How to Beat Wanted : Weapons of Fate - Act 1 Boss Fight

This is a video walkthrough of Act 1 "SWAT Leader" in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. This includes cheats, glitches and quick play strategies. These are video walkthroughs of tutorials and missions in the action-packed game Wanted: Weapons of Fate for the Xbox 360. Wanted: Weapons ...more

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