Play Lil Wayne on Guitar

How To : Play Lil Wayne's "Ms. Officer" on acoustic guitar

Want to know how to play "Ms. Officer" by Lil' Wayne on the guitar? Learn how with this free video guitar lesson. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate players, guitarists of all skill levels can play along given a little sticktoitiveness. For more information, a ...more

How To : Play "My Life" by the Game ft. Lil Wayne on piano

If you want to learn how to play cool songs on the piano then this tutorial is the place to start. This lesson teaches you how to play "My Life" by the Game featuring Lil Wayne on the guitar. This lesson is geared towards beginner and intermediate pianists but it does assume p ...more

How To : Play Lil' Wayne's hit song "Lollipop" on the piano

"Free Weezy" is the catchphrase no longer necessary, unless you're talking about making November 4th Free Weezy Day, to celebrate Lil' Wayne's release from Rikers Island in New York City. But another way to celebrate the rapper's release from prison is to play one of his song ...more

How To : Play "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam on acoustic guitar

James from Handsome Alvin, the Australian, acoustic duo band who perform in pubs and clubs around Brisbane, wants to teach you an acoustic guitar lesson. This beginner guitar lesson is for how Handsome Alvin plays "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam or by Wayne Cochran. If you want to l ...more

How To : Play "Body On Me" by Nelly Feat. Akon on guitar

Learn how to play "Body On Me" by Nelly Feat. Akon, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Standard Tuning: Cm Dm Gm The way that ur walkin the way that you talking you’re the one I wanna spend this night with tryna get in t ...more

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