Play Paranoid by Black Sabbath

How To : Play the solo from Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"

There are few projects that are so simple, and so immediately rewarding, as learning to play a favorite song on the guitar. Not only is it a wonderful way to pass the time but, by learning to play your favorite songs and riffs, you'll be better able to articulate (and otherwis ...more

How To : Play "Ironman" by Black Sabbath on electric guitar

Playing your favorite songs by Black Sabbath on the guitar is not as difficult as it seems. With this tutorial you can learn how to play "Ironman" by Black Sabbath on the acoustic guitar. This lesson is geared towards intermediate guitarists because it assumes prior knowledge ...more

How To : Play Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" on acoustic guitar

Learning to play your favorite songs will, down the road, help you to make the sort of music you want to make. In this free video guitar lesson, you'll learn to play Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" on acoustic guitar. While this video assumes some knowledge on the part of its audie ...more

How To : Play "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath

In this video, we learn how to play "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath. Start with E, C sharp, and your fingers on the top strings. After this, play an A and an F sharp. Follow this with a fourth string D and E, then you will have the basic sounds for the song completed. ...more

How To : Restring & Tune an Electric Guitar

Hello again, faithful readers. For today's lesson, we will be learning the correct way to restring and tune an electric guitar. I almost wasn't going to post this because it is so basic. But, as with many basic tasks, there are a lot of people who know how to do it, but can't ...more

News : Iron Man Played with 1,000,000 Volts of Electricity

Iron Man. What could be a more fitting song for 1,000,000 volts of electricity? It's the perfect Vegas act, so it's shocking to hear that ArcAttack is yet unsigned. With their high-tech, custom-made music equipment, homemade chain mail suits and... LIGHTNING!... they put on o ...more

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