Play the Song "out Loud" by Dispatch

How To : Play the song "Out Loud" by Dispatch

Watch this instructional guitar playing video and learn how to play the song "Out Loud" by Dispatch. It's a pretty simple song with only two parts to it. This video tutorial is a great way to practice and improve your acoustic guitar skills.

How To : Play the song "The General" by Dispatch

Watch this instructional guitar playing video and learn how to play the song "The General" by Dispatch. For the verses, you can bar the fret that the power chord starts on to get the high parts in there. This video tutorial is a great way to practice and improve your acoustic ...more

How To : Play the song "Two Coins" by Dispatch

Check out this guitar playing tutorial video that explains how to play the song "Two Coins" by Dispatch on the acoustic guitar. This is a great instructional video for acoustic guitar playing enthusiasts. Practice your skills by learning each chord to the song with this step b ...more

Review : My 6 Months Using the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was released in stores on November 11, 2015, and a couple days later I went to an Apple Store and to check it out in person. I had mixed feelings about the tablet, but was intrigued overall—so much so that over the next few weeks, as I found myself heari ...more

How To : Play "Heroes" by David Bowie on acoustic guitar

This video is a an acoustic guitar lesson on how to play "Heroes" by David Bowie from TboneWilson1978. It's a really helpful video if you want to learn how to play this song because he clearly spells out all the chord progressions. First he goes over the exact chords that are ...more

How To : Play "Single" by New Kids On The Block Ft. NeYo

Learn how to play "Single" by New Kids On The Block Ft. NeYo, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Standard Tuning: Intro: E|———————————————-| B|——-13——-12—-8——-10————–| G|—–12——-12—–9——10—————-| D|—10——-12——9—–10——————| A ...more

News : DJ your wedding with an ipod

So the fiance and I cannot imagine spending upwards of $500 on a DJ for our wedding when we have tons of perfectly good music on our computers. And the cross-fade feature... Genius! I'm a little bit nervous about leaving our dancing fates up to the iTunes gods, but apractical ...more

How To : Scratch records like a professional DJ

In this tutorial, we learn how to scratch records like a professional DJ with Eric Roman. First, go to your DJ equipment and move your hand back and forth to scratch the record that is inside of it. Make sure you aren't too loud so you don't over power the song you are current ...more

How To : Play "Run" by Snow Patrol on acoustic guitar

Want to know how to play some good music on the acoustic guitar? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to up your guitarist skills by learning to play "Run" by Snow Patrol. When you play this song from the lesson, play it like you mean it. Chords: Verse: First "Chord": ...more

News : Make Friends by Using Proper Server Etiquette

What happened to please and thank you? When did asking someone to come look at your build degenerate into COME NOW or FOLLOW or sending out teleport requests to any and all currently on the server without asking? Phillip Chan, a yahoo network contributor wrote this back in 20 ...more

News : My Prank Ideas

Play some of the worst songs in the Apple shop speakers as loud as you can Have a royal rumble on BMX's Get a sign saying mining in progress, blocking a public stairway/escalator and get someone to sit/stand there and pick their nose. Snort 50cm of random stuff Go sledding on ...more

Ranked : The 4 Best Phones for Music Lovers — Under $400

One of the most popular usages of modern-day smartphones is listening to music. It doesn't matter if you download or stream your tunes, you are part of a massive group of users who do exactly the same. While statistics are a bit foggy on how many smartphones users download mus ...more

How To : Top 4 Phones for Music Lovers & Audiophiles

While music may not technically be a "universe language," it is the one language listened to by all. There are over 1,500 music genres today—rap, classical, rock, jazz, trap, hip-hop, house, new wave, vaperwave, charred death, nintendocore... and the list goes on. And if you'r ...more

How To : Charge Your iPhone 7 While Listening to Music

The fact that this guide even exists is a downright shame, but that's neither here nor there. The truth of the matter is the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus don't have 3.5 mm headphone jacks, and since they use the Lightning connector to output audio, it's hard to charge your phone while ...more

How To : Fun with OSX Terminal

Disclaimer: All information in this tutorial is for entertainment and educational purposes ONLY. You pesky teenagers. In my previous tutorial, I covered how to make a backdoor in an OSX system. I also covered some fun commands to try whilst the backdoor connection is in tact. ...more

Spotify 101 : How to Disable Volume Normalization

Back in 2009, largely due to the sheer number of users demanding it, Spotify added an amazing little feature — the ability to disable volume normalization. While the feature is nothing more than a toggle on the visual front, the audible difference is far superior and moons apa ...more

TIDAL 101 : How to Enable Loudness Normalization

Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service provides Hi-Fi music to a mainstream audience. Even better, Tidal can do this without blowing out your eardrums, because it's easy to enable volume normalization so that one track isn't louder than the next. Tidal officially calls this setting ...more

How To : The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your iPhone

Cases and stickers are always great, but they aren't the only way to customize an iPhone. The software on your device is full of customization options, from a better-looking home screen and cooler lock screen wallpapers to app icon changes and a system-wide dark mode. There's ...more

News : iOS 12 Dev Beta 2 & Public Beta 1 Hit iPhones

Right on the heels of the iOS 11.4.1 beta 3 release, Apple pushed out iOS 12 beta 2 to registered developers on Tuesday, June 19. Public beta testers received the same version, labeled as iOS 12 public beta 1, six days later on Monday, June 25. Last year, the iOS 11 public bet ...more

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