Play Two Finger Chords on the Banjo

How To : Play two finger chords on the banjo

For intermediate banjo players, this video will teach you how to play two fingered chords. While two fingered chords are more difficult than four fingered chords, learning this skill will bring great improvement to your banjo skills as shown by the sample song "Banks of the Oh ...more

How To : Read Guitar Tab

Guitar Essentials My friends and I would secretly scribble tab in the darkly lit practice rooms in our university even though we were educated musicians. So, being able to read tablature, or tab, is essential for beginning guitarists. Tab is a curious way to write down music ...more

How To : Play the F chord

So you're getting pretty good now, and if you've been following Justin's progressional tutorials you know your major and minor chords and can strum. Now it's time to learn the dreaded F chord. Don't be alarmed, even though you have to hold down two strings with one finger, it ...more

How To : Play the F major chord on an acoustic guitar

Master the F major chord on your acoustic guitar, with help from Charles Sedlak. If you can master this, the rest is downhill - you pretty much have it made. Watch out though, you have to cover two strings with one finger!

How To : Play the A sharp chord (A#) on the acoustic guitar

Before Bon Jovi caused teenage girls to spontaneously and simultaneously burst out of their clothing at his concerts he was just a kid in his basement, strumming chord after chord until his fingers turned red. Rock stardom requires sacrifice before all the fame and glory hits ...more

How To : Play Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" on the ukulele

In order to play Tom Petty's 'Wildflowers' on the ukulele you first have to only know three chords for the whole song's verse and a couple more for the song's bridge. To start the first verse you play a B flat major chord. To play this chord bar the first two strings of the fi ...more

How To : Play the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" on the ukulele

If you want to learn how to play Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles on the ukulele in key g this might be for you. There are only two chords with some variations throughout this song. The first chord you need to play is B minor. The B minor chord consists of a bar on the second fret ...more

How To : Read Guitar Tab

Guitar Essentials My friends and I would secretly scribble tab in the darkly lit practice rooms in our university even though we were educated musicians. So, being able to read tablature, or tab, is essential for beginning guitarists. Tab is a curious way to write down music ...more

How To : Play the same piano chord different ways

Chord inversions are a great way to use the same series of notes in a chord to get different voicings. For the example in this video use a C-major triad, which contain the notes C, E, G. Playing these three notes in this pattern is called the root inversion. The first inversio ...more

How To : Play "Lonesome Atlanta Blues" on slide guitar

Bottleneck slide guitar is based on an early one string folk instrument called the Diddley-Bow, and the traditional playing style of Hawaiian Guitar. The early Blues Masters of the 1920s and 30s, would place a bottleneck from a wine bottle, or a short piece of metal pipe on th ...more

How To : Play faster on the banjo

Watch banjo expert Geoff Hohwald teach you how to play faster by teaching you two basic chords and how to switch between them efficiently. While the video starts out slowly, it eventually grows in speed so that you too can become a banjo master. Play faster on the banjo. Click ...more

How To : Play "Beth" by KISS on electric guitar

If you're a big fan of Kiss and you want to learn how to play their song "Beth" on guitars, Bobby Crispy shows us how using his own arrangement of the song. Watch Bobby play the chords first so you will know how it will sound and if you're doing it correctly. Follow the guitar ...more

How to Play Dave Matthews Band : "Crash" on guitar

This acoustic guitar video lesson is brought to you by Aaron from Free and Easy Guitar, it will teach you how to play "Crash" by Dave Mathews Band. As you follow along with him, he breaks down the strumming and chords used in the song, detailing for you how to finger the chord ...more

How To : Play "Handlebars" by Flobots on the violin

In this video our musician friend is trying to teach the viewers how to play "Handlebars" by Flo bots on the violin . This proves to be quite a special lesson because it consist in using your finger from your right hand to pinch the chords of the instrument . He is showing us ...more

How To : Do the legato bass technique on the accordion

Moshezuchter demonstrates how to do a legato bass technique on an accordion which will add drama to your playing. Legato means tying it together. When playing staccato, you touch the keys like they are hot with short strokes to get the punctuated effect. Try playing an alterna ...more

How To : Become A Better Guitar Player

How to be a better guitarist Have you ever just wanted to pick up that old guitar that is just laying around? Or found yourself bursting with creative ideas but don't know how to express them with a guitar? I want to show you my way on becoming the best guitarist you can be, ...more

How To : Play "Street Spirit" by Radiohead on guitar

James, also known as Tbone Wilson, shows you how to play Street Spirit by Radiohead. With an acoustic guitar you begin the intro on A minor, then pick 5, 3, 1, 3, 2, half finger up. On your picking hand you need to hold your pinkie down to contact the hardboard deck of your gu ...more

How To : Play "Hey Jude" by The Beatles on guitar

This video shows us how to play "Hey Jude" by the Beatles on a guitar in a very simple way. First you need to know the sequence of the chords which are needed to play the song in the same way as it goes. First the chord which you will be using is B, then B7, E, A and then E, a ...more

News : The Old Pervert

Alright guys, I'm Aaron from Texas. I want to prank my bestfriend James that moved away to California outside of Oakland a few years back. He is now a guitar teacher and I think at work would set him up for the best prank ever. The idea is to set up an appointment with him for ...more

How To : Play Art Tatum two-finger descending runs on piano

If you have so much as a passing interest in jazz piano, then you've surely heard of Art Tatum. This two-part tutorial offers a visual demonstration of one of Art Tatum's favorite licks, the two-finger descending run. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate or adva ...more

How To : Play suspended two chords on the piano

A suspended 4th chord is formed by combining the 1st, 4th, and 5th tones (notes) of a major scale. Based upon this combination of tones a C suspended 4th piano chord would consist of C, F, and G. The symbol for a suspended 4th chord is (sus4). This video shows you how to play ...more

How To : Play banjo licks on a two note melodic scale in G

This banjo tutorial goes over working with a two note melodic scale in G major to form ideas for licks. This lesson teaches you improvisational techniques on the banjo. You will also learn the 3 different types of the melodic scales. Watch this how to video and you will be abl ...more

How To : Play basic rhythm chords on a banjo

Watch banjo expert Geoff Hohwald teach you the basics of rhythm techniques of banjo also known as chopping or vamping. While it may seem to be a boring skill, being good at vamping is actually the key to great bluegrass music. Play basic rhythm chords on a banjo. Click through ...more

How To : Play major 5-finger patterns and chords on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to construct any major chord on the piano using major 5-finger patterns. This lesson is intended for beginners and new piano students. The tips in this helpful how-to video will allow you to play any major chord on the piano by usin ...more

How To : Play the two-five-one jazz progression

If you can play bar chords, there's no reason you can't play a two-five-one jazz progression! This clear and helpful video shows you how to build on skills you already have, adds in some theory and has you ready to get jazzy!

How To : Play "Aeroplane Over the Sea" on the ukulele

This is a video for beginners made by a beginner ukulele player. It goes over the tuning, chords, strumming pattern, and timing of "Aeroplane over the sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel. The song has only four chords: G, Em, C, and D. There are two parts to the song. In the first par ...more

How To : Play "Ukulele Lady" on the ukulele

To play 'Ukulele Lady' on the ukulele you should first realize that you should allow yourself to get silly and goofy with this song. First, to start you should play the first verse with the F chord, and then on the drawn out Honolulu Bay play the chords Db7-C7 and F. Start ove ...more

How To : Play open and closed chords on the piano

Open chords are pretty simple to understand. They're basically notes in a chord that you don't play or finger. Closed chords are notes of a chord that are stacked on top of each other (vs. open chords, where the notes are apart from one another). If you'd like to get better ...more

How To : Play E shape barré chords on the guitar

In this lesson you will learn about E shape barre chords, how they are formed, and tips for getting the barre strong and all the notes clear. The second video will teach you more about E shape barre chords, hand position and finger tricks and also how to play the minor 7th and ...more

How To : Play 9th chords

This guitar lesson covers two shapes of the 9th chord (dominant). They are great substitutes for the regular 7th chords you might use in a normal blues. Any time you would normally play a 7th chord you could substitute it for a 9th chord.

How To : Play "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling

Ways Linn introduces another in her series of acoustic guitar lessons, teaching users how to play "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling. Before you get started you will need a capo to play this song. Ways Linn starts out by teaching you the chords you need to know to play the ...more

How To : Play the finger shooting baseball game

A fast-paced, high-strategy baseball game two people can play anywhere, any time, whether your hanging out in Folsom Prison or camping in the Great North Woods. It might seemed old fashioned when Playstation, Wii and Xbox dominate the game world, but this is a game you can pla ...more

How To : Play piano chord inversions with ease

Chord inversions are simpler than they sound - in effect, they help connect two chords together so they sound good being played one after the other. More technically, a chord inversion describes the relationship between a chord's bass with the other notes in the chord. Get th ...more

How To : Read and play guitar chords

If you are just starting out learning to play the guitar, one of the first things you need to know is how to read chords. In this tutorial, learn exactly how to read and play certain chords on your guitar. This video is fairly straight forward and offers useful examples for fi ...more

How To : Play "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. on guitar

In this video, we learn how to play "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. on guitar. This song will be done in the open position. Start out with the intro, which will have the chords: F, A minor, G, D minor, D, E minor, and C. This song does not have any split measures, so every chor ...more

How To : Play "This Little Light of Mine" on the ukulele

To play 'This Little Light of Mine' on the ukulele you first will need to start with the chord G progression. Start playing this at the lyric Light and then switch to the chord G7 on the verse shine. On the next line, play the chord C at the verse light and then on the word sh ...more

How To : Hold your guitar pick in two different ways

Before learning how to play a guitar your going to want to know how to hold your guitar pick. First there is the one finger hold, this looks like you're making a fist. You don't want to make a hard fist but a loose one, not a of strain should be put on the hand. Move your thum ...more

How To : Play "Ehu Girl" by Kolohe Kai on ukulele

In this how-to video, you will learn how to play the song "Ehu Girl" on a ukulele. You will need a tuned ukulele and basic knowledge of chords. The song first consists of the chords C, F and G7. This will be repeated a few times. Move on to the chord progression Am, G, Am, and ...more

How To : Play "Light My Fire" by The Doors on guitar

This video is an acoustic guitar lesson from TboneWilson1978. In this video, he teaches you how to play the song "Light My Fire" by The Doors. He begins by showing you which chords you need to know to get started on learning the song, and demonstrates how to finger them. He th ...more

How To : Play "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead on guitar

In this acoustic guitar video lesson from TboneWilson1978, you will learn how to play the song "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead. He starts you out by showing which chords you need to know to get started on learning the song, and demonstrates how to finger each of them. He the ...more

How To : Play minor chords and "Last Christmas" on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to change major triads and chords to minor triads and chords and play "Last Christmas," written by George Michael and performed by Wham! and Jimmy Eat World, on piano. This lesson uses the five-finger pattern concept to teach you ho ...more

How To : Play George Formby style banjo uke

If you are a beginner, you should find this very useful. Learn how to get started in GF uke style by learning two basic techniques. First the split stroke, which is the foundation for most of the other GF style strokes, and secondly the thumb roll (or "triple"), which adds a b ...more

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