How To : Perform left hand exercises on the cello

This how to video focuses on left hand techniques for the cello. This exercise increases flexibility & strength in your cello playing. Watch this how to video and you will be able play left hand exercises on the cello.

How To : Play left-handed guitar

Learn tips on how to play a left handed guitar with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video series. Part 1 of 51 - How to Play left-handed guitar. Play left-handed guitar - Part 2 of 51. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Play left hand accents on guitar

Check out this instructional funk guitar video that shows you how to play left hand accents on guitar. This lesson demonstrates beginning left hand funk techniques to go with the right hand technique. This tutorial is great for beginners and advanced guitar players. Practice l ...more

How To : Crochet a left handed granny square

Are you left handed? While some people have perfected the art of playing left handed guitar, it's still a little challenging to figure out how to crochet with your left hand. Follow the guidelines on this instructional video to crochet a granny square left handed. The granny s ...more

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