How To : Use the split polygon tool in Maya

This 3D modeling software tutorial shows you how to use the split polygon modeling tool in Maya. Learn how to use the split polygon tool to get full control over adding detail to your polygon object in Maya.

How To : Fill holes in polygons in Maya

Got a hole in your polygon object that the fill hole tool just can't fix? Check out this Maya video to learn how to quickly seal that object up. Learn how to not-so-magically fill polygonal holes in Maya.

How To : Create a frequency polygon line chart in MS Excel

New to Microsoft Excel? Looking for a tip? How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? You're in luck. In this MS Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 655th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn see how to cre ...more

How To : Extrude polygons in Maya

Learn how to extrude polygon faces and start to really make objects. Extruding is the most important and most often used method for manipulating and modeling with polygons in Maya so if you are learning Maya, you definitely want to check out this tutorial.

How To : Convert NURBS to polygons in Autodesk Maya 2011

Need to convert a NURBS surface to plain old polygons when working in Maya 2011? This clip will show you how it's done. Whether you're new to Autodesk's popular modeling software or a seasoned 3D artist just looking to better acquaint yourself with the Maya 2011 workflow, you' ...more

How To : Join two polygons with the bridge tool in 3ds Max

3ds Max lets you use 2D shapes as the cross sections of 3D models. In this 3d Max video tutorial you will learn how to do this using the polygon bridge weld too. Basically, this bridge tool lets you join two polygons. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of ...more

How To : Origami polygons

Watch this simple instructional video and learn how to turn a paper square into several other polygons. These basic origami projects also serve as edifying practice in simple geometry. You can fold an equilateral triangle, a regular hexagon, and a regular octagon from square o ...more

How To : Attach polygons together in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max video tutorial you will learn how to attach polygon shapes to each other using boolean unions. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of the video to start the video. There is no sound, so you'll need to watch the pop-up directions. Attach poly ...more

How To : Model a basic polygonal house in Maya

New to Maya (AKA Autodesk Maya)? Not to worry. This tutorial will save your day! Not only will you learn how to use all the basic tools in the graphic design software, but you will also create your first impressive 3D model - a house made from polygon shapes. This simple hous ...more

How To : Find the vertices of a polygon of constraints

In this tutorial the instructor shows how to find the vertices of a polygon of constraints. In any optimization problem after defining your polygon you need to find its vertices. First you will have a set of equations which represents the constraints in your problem. Now you h ...more

How To : Model hair with polygons in Blender 2.49 or 2.5

This clip offers a short overview on modeling hair using mesh planes in Blender 2.49 or 2.5. Whether you're new to the Blender Foundation's popular 3D modeling program or a seasoned graphic artist just interested in better acquainting yourself with the application, you're sure ...more

How To : Graph & shade a polygon of constraints

This video shows us how to graph & shade a polygon of constraints. Start out by finding the non zero constraints and the other constraints and inequalities. You will need to know how to graph before you begin to do this equation. Look at the first constraint and then fill in t ...more

How To : Find the interior angle sum of a polygon

In this tutorial the instructor shows a method to compute the interior angle sum of a polygon. He gives us the formula for the interior angle sum of a convex polygon as (n-2) * 180 where n is the number of sides of the polygon. He goes and take a 6 sided polygon as an example ...more

How To : Use sub polygon displacement in MAXON Cinema 4D

In this C4D user's guide, you'll learn how to use sub polygon displacement in your projects. Whether you're new to MAXON's popular 3D modeling application or are just looking to get better acquainted with Cinema 4D and its various features and functions, you're sure to enjoy t ...more

How To : Calculate polygon area in ArcMap

In this how to video, you will learn how to calculate the polygon area in ArcMap. First, open the program ArcMap. Next, go to the left column and right click it. Select attribute table. From here, go to options and click add field. Type in Area and click double. Next, right cl ...more

How To : Paint with polygons in Lightwave 3D

This tutorial is for people who use the Lightwave 3D modeling software, and goes over the painting with polygons technique. If you've been curious about how to do this, this tutorial shows you how, from a brand new project onward.

How To : Create objects from polygons in Maya

In this clip, learn how to create cool new objects from polygons using the computer program, Maya. This tutorial will give you a step by step walkthrough of the entire process to make sure you get it right every time.

How To : Edit polygons in 3ds Max

This 3d Max video tutorial is aimed at new users. You will learn how to edit polygons, and convert mesh shapes to editable polygons. This video shows you how to select a vertex, an edge, a polygon, and an element. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of the ...more

How To : Create correct flowing polygonal geometry in Maya

This tutorial covers how to make sure your polygon models have good flowing geometry in Maya. You'll also learn how to merge polygonal surfaces and use the crate polygon tool. NOTE: This link is to a Flash version of the first 5 minutes of this 30 minute tutorial. A download l ...more

How To : Edge slice inside polygons within modo

Developed by the same team of engineers responsible for LightWave 3D, modo, lowercase, delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. And now, modo is a true end-to-end solution that include ...more

How To : Use the circle and polygon tool in Google SketchUp

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to use the circle and polygon tools in Google SketchUp. This tutorial covers drawing a circle or polygon, changing the number of sides of a circle or polygon, and viewing additional information through the entity info dialo ...more

How To : Manipulate a polygon in Maya

This tutorial covers some very basic elements of Maya, but if you haven't used the software and plan to do polygonal modeling, then watch and learn how to manipulate polygons using edges, faces and other components. A great tutorial for beginner modelers! Manipulate a polygon ...more

How To : Work with polygon geometry names

Watch this video to learn the important polygon names and how to classify different types of polygons. Polygons are closed plane figures formed by segments. They can be classified based on the number of sides (or angles) they have. A polygon with two sides doe not exist. A t ...more

How To : Use polygon modeling in 3D Studio MAX

Almost every 3D image depicted on a digital screen is made from thousands of tiny polygons. Modeling with them is the most fundamental part of 3D modeling. This video will introduce you to the basics of 3D polygon modeling, helping you to create a 3D shape that is smooth and c ...more

How To : Create and work with polygons in Houdini 10

This clip presents a look at one of the basics of Houdini: Polygons - point, vertex and primitive data, smoothing and faceting, subdivision, removing inline points, orienting polygons and making polygons planar. Whether you're new to Side Effects Software's popular 3D producti ...more

How To : Unwrap a low-polygon building in Blender 2.5

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial, you'll see how to begin the process of completely UV unwrapping a low poly, hard-surface building. The tutorial provides tips on how to deal with a large number of replicated objects and unwrapping a multitude of small parts. Part one covers ...more

How To : Calculate the area of various polygons

We can calculate the area of the simple polygons like square, rectangle, triangle, pretty easily. Area of square can be calculated by drawing it on a graph paper, of unit cm length and breadth. Area of a rectangle is length X breadth. Area of a triangle is 1/2bh, half of produ ...more

How To : Create Parabolic Curves Using Straight Lines

Curve stitching is a form of string art where smooth curves are created through the use of straight lines. It is taught in many Junior High and High School art classes. I discovered it when my math students started showing me the geometric art they had created. The process of ...more

Holiday Project : Origami Christmas Trees

Thanksgiving. It's sadly over. But happily replaced by the Christmas season! My apartment complex is already full of the Christmas spirit. Wreaths are tacked up on wooden doors, windows contain strands of bright and colorful lights, and there's even a few nearly decorated con ...more

How To : GPU Accelerate Cracking Passwords with Hashcat

How to Crack Passwords Faster by Putting Your GPU to Work with HashcatSecurity on the internet is always changing. Not too long ago, having a 10 character password meant that you were safe from all forms of hash cracking. Hash cracking is when you take a string of characters t ...more

News : DIY Origami Christmas Tree

This is how my version of an origami Christmas tree turned out based on the instructions I posted awhile back. Cory also made a version from white glossy paper, which looks great. I opted for the green and brown look, but it wasn't easy. I tried making a really small version ...more

How To : Model a dolphin in Maya

In this 3D modeling software series you will learn how to model organically with polygons in Maya. For this example, you will learn how to model a dolphin. PART 1: we go over the beginning steps of modeling a dolphin with polygons. We cover how to split the model in half from ...more

How To : Texture in 3ds Max

The third dimension has finally arrived to internet browsing! Be sure to catch the wave of innovation with this series of tutorials. Initially, we'll be examining the importance of texturing basic 3D objects. Watch as the almost magical effects of texturing in 3ds Max transfor ...more

How To : Smooth proxy objects in Maya

ets face it: modeling in polygons in Maya is a rough way to make organic objects. In comes the smooth player: subdivision proxy objects. Learn how to model with the least amount of detail, but see your Maya model in all of it's quad-faced glory by using the subdivision proxy o ...more

News : Making Art on Your iOS Device, Part 3: 3D Modeling

Today's segment of Making Art on Your iOS Device takes us into the third dimension. The below apps are suitable for beginners looking to venture into the world of 3d modeling, as well as pros who simply want the basics of Maya in their pocket. Build models/3D mockups or small ...more

News : Why Is Most HoloLens Development Happening in Unity?

Autodesk offers some of the most popular software for computer-aided design (CAD) projects, which involve all sorts of 3D rendering. Their tools are clearly suited for use with the Microsoft HoloLens, but so far very little supports HoloLens development outside of Unity. Why i ...more

How To : Use nurbs curves in Maya

This three part tutorial shows you how to work with curves in Maya. Start by learning the basics, then learn to use the curve system with polygons, then learn how to use advanced curves. NOTE: This link is to a Flash version of the first 5 minutes of this 30 minute tutorial. A ...more

How To : Add texture to 3D objects with OpenGL for C++

By now, you should know a few of the basics of programming with OpenGL and GLUT for C++ developing, like shapes, transformations, timers, and colors. Now it's time for lighting. Everything could look right in your 3D program or game, but if you're lighting isn't right, it's a ...more

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