Pork Chops

How To : Make stuffed pork chops wrapped in bacon

Our expert, David Postada, shows you everything you need to know to prepare the stuffing with fresh vegetables, corn bread, and chicken stock for stuffed pork chops. Also, learn how to stuff the pork chops. Finally, everything taste better wrapped in bacon. Part 1 of 22 - How ...more

How To : Cook pork chops with caramelized onions

This recipe has a lot of steps, so you may want to save it for a special occasion dinner, but it still sounds delicious! Follow along with this video series and see how to make pork chops with carmelized onions and smoked gouda. Part 1 of 16 - How to Cook pork chops with caram ...more

How To : Make Betty's boneless pork chops on the grill

Looking for a super quick meal that you can make in the summertime? In this tutorial, Betty will show you how to grill up some yummy boneless pork chops that go perfectly with some of Betty's delicious side dishes. Enjoy! You Will Need: *4 boneless pork chops, about ½-inch thi ...more

How To : Make brown sugar glazed pork chops

Dennis Hickey shows us how to make brown sugar glazed pork chops in this video. You will first brown the pork chops in a pan after you coat them in salt and pepper on all sides. After they are thoroughly cooked, set them aside on a plate. Now, take your same skillet the pork c ...more

How To : Make pork chops with beer, onion, and bacon gravy

What beats succulent pork chops served up with a can of beer on Football Sunday? Pork chops marinated WITH beer! Sounds weird but we promise the result is delicious. Check out this food video to learn how to prepare pork chops with a gravy made from beer, onion, and bacon. Is ...more

How To : Make "drunken" grilled bone pork chops

This is a video demonstrating how to make drunken grilled pork chops. It requires one cup of beer, 1/8 cup of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of ginger, and 1 tablespoon of packed brown sugar. The ingredients are combined in a bowl and stirred lightly with a whisk. Two large pork chops ...more

How To : Make Asian style pork chops

Easy steps on how to make Asian style pork chops. You will need: - 3-4 thinly sliced pork chops- 5 cloves garlic- pepper- 10 green onions- 3/4 cup oyster sauce. Steps: 1. Place the pork chops in a bowl. 2. Shake lots of pepper into the pork chops. 3. Chop garlic finely and add ...more

How To : Make baked pork chops with vegetables

This video instructs you how to make Bake Pork Chops with Vegetables in order to get protein and nutrients. Set the stove to 350 degrees to preheat. Set up a glass baking dish with tin foil lining it. Preheating ensures your food will cook evenly! The veggies will vary, but we ...more

How To : Make grilled pork chops

Marinate your pork chops before grilling to really make them tender and flavorful. Your family won’t be disappointed when they sit down to a dinner of hot chops just off the grill, so fire up the grill and get started. These marinated pork chops are delicious with a hint of c ...more

How To : Make easy grilled pork with marinated pork chops

This is a video showing how to make grilled marinated pork chops. It is marinated in oyster sauce, garlic and ginger. She then minces garlic, ginger and cilantro. She also adds sugar, oyster sauce and another seasoning sauce. She also adds water, salt and pepper and mixes. She ...more

How To : Make grilled Cuban style pork chops

Learn how to make grilled Cuban style pork chops in simple steps. You will need 6 pork chops, 1 cup sour orange, 2 tbs crushed garlic, 1/2 tsp dried oregano, a sliced onion, olive oil, 2 wedged limes and cumin powder. 1. First combine sour orange, cumin powder, oregano, garlic ...more

How To : Make barbecue grilled pork chops

Grill up moist and tender pork chops every time with this quick and easy barbecue recipe from the BBQ Pit boys! Watch this how to video and they'll show you how to keep your barbecue bone-in center-cut pork chops from drying out, while serving up some butter roasted potatoes, ...more

How To : Make pork chops with apples

To begin preparations of making this fine dish, first you must gather the ingredients as shown in the video. Then, you combine your dry ingredients which is three tablespoons of brown sugar (you may use white sugar as a substitute), a half (1/2) teaspoon of cinnamon and a quar ...more

How To : Make Thai pork chops and stir fry pork with Kai

These two Thai pork dishes are quick and easy to make. You will need pork, oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt, celery, carrots, mushrooms, and fresh garlic. Watch this video cooking tutorial and learn how to prepare pork chops and stir fry pork from Thai chef ...more

How To : Make Dr. Pepper grilled pork chops

This is a video describing how to make Dr. Pepper grilled pork chops. The first thing is the pork chops are marinated in a plastic bag with rosemary, Dr. Pepper, olive oil, salt and pepper, rum, and honey. Finally a tablespoon of chopped garlic is added. The pork chop should b ...more

How To : Make pork chops with rhubarb and port wine sauce

Rhubarbs aren't a commonly consumed leafy plant, but people are most definitely missing out on a unique and tangy explosion of flavor. Though the rhubarb's leaves cannot be eaten (they are mildly poisonous), their bright red stems add tartness to any dish they're tossed in. T ...more

How To : Grill pork chops

Properly cooked pork chops are juicy and delicious, especially off the grill. Chops come from the loin and there are three cuts; the rib chop, the loin chop, and the sirloin chop. Pick double cut chops that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick. They won't dry out, and they'll look three ...more

How To : Make savory pork chops with sour cream sauce

You can't go wrong with pork chops, you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't like them. In this tutorial, learn how to grill up healthy and tasty chops with a sour cream sauce with this quick and easy recipe. You won't ever taste a piece of pork this good so follow ...more

How To : Make crispy pork chops with Martha Stewart

When it comes to comfort food, pork chops rank high in satisfaction and juicy, fat-dripping goodness. And now that summer has officially arrived, expect to be cooking and eating a lot of this piggy extracted foodstuff. Learn a new recipe for this traditional comfort food by w ...more

How To : Make delicious pork chops

Learn how to make pork chops! They are easy to cook and taste great with mustard sauce. Add rice and steamed vegetables and you are guaranteed a tasteful and nutritious meal. Enjoy!

How To : Cook pork chops with Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay

Watch as Gordon Ramsay comes into your kitchen to show you how to cook like pro. Tonight he makes a roasted pork chop with radicchio and apples. Delicious! Cook pork chops with Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay. Click through to watch this video on tastyfood.tv

How To : Bake pork chops

Looking to learn how to bake delectable pork chops? Follow these steps and you will soon be enjoying a delicious and easy pork chop dish that will please any palate. You Will Need: • Two to four pork chops • Paper towels • A kitchen knife • A baking dish or pan • Salt • ...more

How To : Roast pork chops with fresh rosemary and garlic

First, before you endeavor on this recipe, please, please, please use fresh herbs rather than the dried kind that comes packaged in those ginormous Costco plastic containers. Fresh herbs add another dimension of flavor that makes all the difference when you take a bite into th ...more

How To : Identify cuts of pork chops

A pork chop is just a pork chop, right? Well, actually not. In fact, there are three different cuts of chops; the rib chop, the loin chop, and the sirloin chop. Each of the three cuts comes from the pork loin, which is the tender strip of meat that runs from the shoulder butt ...more

How To : Make Italian pork chops with mushroom risotto

We've never met pork chops we haven't liked. When done right, they're the most savory and mouthwatering comfort foods out there. If you want to try out a new pork chop recipe, check out this food video. You'll learn how to prepare a tender risotto alongisde a creamy risotti t ...more

How To : Make grilled pineapple pork chops with Paula Deen

For a rich, tender and juicy pork chop, try grilling it with pineapple. This cooking how-to video is part of Paula's Home Cooking show hosted by Jamie Deen, Paula Deen. Paula Deen, owner of Lady and Sons, a famous Savannah restaurant, is Food Network's resident southern chef. ...more

How To : Prepare pork chops for grilling

This video shows how to prepare flavorful and delicious grilled pork chops. Steps to follow: •Take some light brown sugar in a heat proof bowl. •Add some sea salt to taste. •Add boiled water and stir it to make solution. •Add apple cider. •Add pepper and fresh thyme. •Add th ...more

How To : Grill Dr. Pepper pork chops

Dr. Pepper isn't just for drinking anymore. It's for cooking! This is a super easy way to rock out with he Dr. Pepper! Check out this video tutorial to learn how to rock out and grill Dr. Pepper pork chops. Dried Cherry Cole Slaw and Dr. Pepper are the perfect pair with the ch ...more

How To : Make grilled pork chops with Paula Deen

She's famous for adding a pound of lard to everything she whips up in the kitchen (just a guess, but maybe that's why Southern food tastes so damn good?), but thankfully, in this episode of her home cooking show, Paula Deen won't overcrowd your arteries too much. Together wit ...more

How To : Prepare pork loin chops with a gravy sauce

Pork chops are one of the staples of Western meat cooking (excepting the Jewish and Islamic traditions where pork is forbidden, of course). There are many, many different recipes to prepare them, and this video demonstrates how to make a relatively simple preparation with an o ...more

How To : Make an easy smothered pork chop

In this video, we learn how to make an easy smothered pork chop. First, take four thick pork chops that are bone-in. Then, slice one large onion and sprinkle poultry seasoning onto the pork chops along with salt and pepper. Then, brown them on both sides in a pan over medium-h ...more

How To : Make a sauerkraut & pork chop dinner

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a sauerkraut & pork chop dinner. You will need: 1 32oz jar of sauerkraut (rinsed and drained), 4 (10 oz) pork chops, 1 lb Kielbasa cut into pieces, 1 sliced medium onion, 1/2 lb diced bacon, 1 tbsp caraway seed, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, 3 c ...more

How To : Cook pork chop dinner in skillet rice

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook a pork chop dinner in skillet rice with Jack Scalfani. Ingredients include: Rice-a-Roni, 2 tbsp butter, 2 1/2 cup water, and 3 pork chops. Place your skillet over high heat and drop in your butter and let melt. After the butter is melted, ...more

How To : Cook a perfect crackling pork chop

This video shows you how to prepare a pork chop with perfect crackling. First, you will need to cut the rind, making hash marks along its’ sides. Then, you will need to season it well, with sea salt and crushed back pepper. Place it in the oven with potatoes: they should be cl ...more

How To : Cook boneless pork loin chops

This video illustrate us how to cook boneless pork loin chops. Here are the following steps.Step 1: Take the pork and wash it properly with water and vinegar to remove smell from it.Step 2: Now mince the pork in the grinder to fine consistency.Step 3: add the spices of your ch ...more

How To : Prepare a pork chop before cooking

In this tutorial, we learn how to prepare a pork chop before cooking. You can use this method no matter how you are cooking your pork. Whether you are grilling, baking, or frying this method will make your pork chop more tasty! First, grab your pork chop and slice on the side ...more

How To : Perform a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank

If you're interested in performing a very cruel, but cool and bloody prank this next tutorial is for you. In this Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank, you'll be cutting off your legs and producing a whole lot of blood. Some of the supplies you'll need include a bottle of ketchup, f ...more

How To : Understand pig intelligence and behavior

Pigs are not just pork chops, people raise, train, and put these Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs on stage. Watch this how to video to understand how pigs think and learn amazing tricks. Maybe you can train your pet pig to do amazing tricks. Hog Genius : SAT NOVEMBER 24 9P et/pt : ...more

How To : Make an apple cider brine

Learn how to make a great apple cider brine to flavor your pork, turkey, or chicken with this cooking video. This apple cider brine recipe is brought to you by JJ Gonson on How2Heroes. Search How2Heroes on WonderHowTo for more cooking videos. If you think brine is just salty ...more

How To : Talk about food in Polish

Are you taking a trip to Poland? Or just going to a Polish restaurant? This video goes through many common Polish foods (such as beet soup, cod, trout, pork chops and salmon) and gives you a pronunciation and spelling guide for each one. Part 1 of 3 - How to Talk about food in ...more

How To : Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

There are those who prefer Thanksgiving leftovers to the actual official meal, much like people who prefer cold pizza over hot. I'm definitely in the latter camp. There's something luxurious about enjoying your perfectly cooked turkey and stuffing while wearing sweatpants and ...more

How To : Make marinara sauce with fresh ingredients

Thomas DeLuca of Wholesale Italian Food shares his family's recipe for marinara sauce. To begin, add extra virgin olive oil to a heated pan, enough to cover the bottom. Chop 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic and add to the heated oil. Next, add a large can of San Manzano whole tomato ...more

How To : Make a pork cutlet with apple & fennel salad

In this video from iluvtheinternetchef, we learn how to make a pork cutlet with apple and fennel salad in under 10 minutes. Season your pork with sea salt on both sides, fresh ground pepper as well. She adds a whole grain mustard on both sides as well. Now add oil to a hot pan ...more

How To : Give Your Food a Bath or a Rubdown for More Flavor

Brining is magic. All you have to do is make a mild saline solution, toss in your protein of choice, let it soak, and cook. You end up with incredibly tender, flavorful meat or tofu for very little effort. So why aren't more of us doing it? Pork chops soaking in a brine of sug ...more

How To : Order Chinese food without blowing your diet

Some Chinese dishes that sound healthy are surprisingly fat-laden. These tips will help you avoid diet land mines. Step 1: Get the spring roll Order the spring roll over the egg roll; it’s often half the calories. Step 2: Use chopsticks Use chopsticks if you normally eat wit ...more

News : Jaccard Tenderizer - A Must Have Tool

This is a tool I wouldn't want to do without in my kitchen. It's full name is the Jaccard Super Tendermatic Meat Tenderizer but if you refer to the "Jaccard", most food folks will know what you are talking about. Jaccard makes lots of food prep products but this is probably th ...more

HowTo : Roast a Pig on a Spit

Why settle on just pork chops or ribs when you can string up the entire pig? Serious Eats posts an great slide show on roasting a whole pig, from materials to the process to the perfect pig roastin' sauce. Warnings PETA members should probably exit this page right about now. ...more

How To : The Know-It-All's Guide to Caramelization

Look on any bistro or pub menu in America and you'll likely find the term caramelized onions as an option for your burger. The word "caramel" may conjure up images of candy, which is somewhat correct. When high temperatures are applied to certain foods, the sugars within them ...more

How To : 10 Herbs You Can Buy Once & Regrow Forever

Fresh herbs are a surefire way to enhance a dish, but buying them at the store each time you need them is costly. Luckily, growing your own herbs is a lot easier than it seems: You can even using cuttings from the herbs you already buy to start your own little herb garden. An ...more

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