How To : Barbecue a porterhouse steak on the grill

Looking for a real special steak for your next BBQ? Check out the Porterhouse cut of meat. It's actually two steaks in one, a New York strip and a tenderloin (Fillet Mignon). Watch this how to video as one of the BBQ Pit boys demonstrates what to look for when purchasing a qu ...more

How To : Cook a Porterhouse steak

This video Ben shows us how he cooks a porterhouse steak. He also likes potatoes with the steak. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and keep your steak out at room temperature. Fist off he sliced the potatoes into sixteen wedges. The potatoes then get placed on a lightly oiled pi ...more

How To : Season and grill Cajun style porterhouse steaks

Forget about grilling you porterhouse steaks with just a little salt and pepper, add a little southern flavor to them. This how to videos shows you how to grill Cajun style steaks so they come out perfect every time. Serve up your steaks with a some delicious baked potatoes se ...more

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