How To : Complete preproduction paperwork: Script breakdown

Mike from the SubStream's "Film Lab" has some tips on preproduction paperwork. Learn how to complete preproduction paperwork. Specifically, break down the script. You know that you don't want to do it, but it's important, okay? Do not skip the paperwork. You will once and yo ...more

How To : Create a storyboard in preproduction

Starting a film? A storyboard is a great way to visualize a motion picture or animation through a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence. Learn how to go about creating a storyboard in pre-production with help from this free video from EOS Lighting.

Rodarte - Spring '11 (DP : Matthew Lloyd)

Todd Cole directed this beautifully shot (DP Matthew Lloyd) and art directed preview of the Rodarte Spring '11 line. The visual execution of this ostensibly simple concept is flawless; there are no extraneous colors whatsoever. Clarity of vision and preproduction certainly pai ...more

How To : Prepare for glass bead production

Preproduction work when making glass beads will ensure your tools are working correctly, and your glass is ready to melt. Learn about preproduction for glass working with this free jewelry making video series. Part 1 of 6 - How to Prepare for glass bead production. Prepare for ...more

How To : Write a script following proper screenplay format

Mike and Rajo from the SubStream's "Film Lab" have some tips regarding pre-production and development for proper script format. Preproduction Basics: Screenplay Format. Mike helps his friend Rajo learn the rules of formatting scripts. Learn how to write a screenplay in proper ...more

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