Princess Bride

How To : Fold an advanced geometric origami bride/princess

Now that spring is approaching swiftly, it's officially going to be wedding season. That means lots of fanciful soirees, the Wedding March played so often you can hear it in your sleep, and beautiful, princess-worthy gowns strutting down the aisle. If your friend is getting m ...more

How To : Tone your body and have glowing skin for a wedding

Whether it's your friend's wedding or your own, it's so important to look drop dead gorgeous on the wedding day. If you're a bride or bridesmaid who's looking to firm up and look like a ravishing, glowing princess, then check out this video for great tips on how to work out wi ...more

How To : Create a Best man's speech in PowerPoint

Everyone thinks the bride and groom are having to do all the work day when it's their wedding. No one spares a thought for the poor sap who has to take on the role of Best man. Not only are there some fairly hefty ‘responsibilities' to adhere to, you have to get up in front of ...more

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